Dénia invests more than 100.000 euros to remodel a deteriorated Madrigueres track

February 27 from 2023 - 14: 30

The remodeling work on one of the sports courts in Madrigueres, the closest to the parking area and the canteen, began today. The works were awarded to the company Nerco Infraestructuras SL for an amount of 108.779 euros and have a completion period of two months.

The three courts of this municipal sports facility present a current state of significant deterioration in the pavement, the perimeter fences and in the ball protection nets. The Department of Sports has projected a multi-year plan to progressively condition them until leaving them in optimal conditions for sports practice and has decided to start with the one with the worst conditions (chipping from the surface treatment, irregularities in the ground, cracks, marking of the joints of asphalt and water accumulation points due to lack of cross slope).

The track conditioning actions consist of regularizing the surface and forming transversal slopes that improve surface drainage; the renovation of the pavement, installing a sports resin one; and the improvement of drainage through channels that collect runoff and conduct it to the projected collector that will connect with the sewerage network. The enclosures and protection nets will also be renewed, as well as the futsal goals.

During the two months that the works are expected to last, the teams from the Municipal Futsal School, as well as those from the ACYDMA regional and local league, will train on the other two courts on the premises and will play the matches well on these courts. or in a public school in the city.

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