Dénia enables an observatory of cetaceans and birds in Les Rotes

November 26 from 2015 - 16: 56

If the end of Les Rotes It already has a special charm in itself, from now on it gains an incentive with the installation of a cetacean and marine bird observatory in the first viewpoint, next to the restaurant Mena.

This is an informational panel that talks about the species that can be spotted from that point and has become the first observatory of its kind in the entire Mediterranean. Councilman Environment Dénia, Josep CrespoHe explained that the main objective is "Promote our natural environment and our landscapes from an educational level and awareness of citizenship, key to the development and enhancement of nature."

Presentation of the Observatory of Les Rotes

The observatory has a parking space for people with mobility difficulties and panels feature QR codes to directly access the page Oceanogràfic and record sightings filling a form. Also on the web may be further information on the species sighted.

This observatory was created by a grant from the Valencian Agency of Tourism and has been installed at a high point from where you can whale watching as fin whales, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Dénia's strategic position as a crossing point cetaceans and seabirds each year make it possible sightings of hundreds of species. According to Toni Martínez, environmental coordinator, since the beginning of the year there have been sightings of humpbacks 33 more than 100 38 dolphins and other validated species.

marine observatory Les Rotes

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