Dénia choose to allocate Trust Plan to build a new bus station with 1.747 votes

28 October 2013 - 00: 10

Last week, the city of Dénia opened a public consultation through the website of the Local Agenda 21 to ask citizens what they thought it necessary to allocate the budget of more than 8 million euros of the Trust Plan of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Bus Station-440x270

For the vote, the council proposed a list of 35 very diverse actions such as the construction of paddle courts, the redevelopment of various streets or to improve in the Dénia Castle.

Finally and after a week of open voting, the most voted action with 1.747 votes has been the construction of a new bus station next to the railway station Dénia-Alicante, in the current blue zone parking, in front of the tourist office . There have been some more locations that have been voted together with the delegation of the hacienda or Torrequemada, but with many less votes.

Behind the construction of a new bus station, the most voted with votes 1.099 has been the asphalting of the streets in poor condition.

List of actions / votes of the Public Consultation

1. New bus station: 1.747 (votes)
Location Proposals:

      - Current parking next to FGV: 873


      - Together with the delegation of the Treasury: 441


    - In front of Torrecremada: 433

2 Plan resurfaced for streets in poor condition: 1.099
3. Urban redevelopment Archiduque Carlos: 1.001
4. Old rehabilitation Lonja to locate new Office of Tourism: 989
5. Improvements Dénia Castle: lighting, new signposts, pine clearing: 981
6. Camí del Cementeri redevelopment: from Ramón Ortega to Madrigueres: 974
7. Construction of socio-sanitary area in La Pedrera: 938
8 La Mar street redevelopment: from Diana to Cándida Carbonell: 907
9. Traffic lights Diana crossing Joan Fuster: 721
10. Colon street redevelopment: 559
11. Joan Fuster Lighting: 531
12. Sandunga street redevelopment: 464
13. Rehabilitation house Marquesa Valero de Palma: 438
14. Reurbanización access to the Castle: av. Of El Cid yc / San Francisco: 434
15. New road lighting Les Rotes: 362
16. Fontanella street redevelopment: 359
17. Laying footbridge Joan Fuster: 303
18. New sports pavilion lighting: 281
19. Old rehabilitation Slaughterhouse for cultural space: 278
20. Rehabilitation of Torrecremada farm: 249
21. Placement of underground containers: 281
22. Conditioning Saladar walk: 233
23. Redevelopment square Valgamediós: 135
24. Adequacy industrial estate: 126
25 Redevelopment Camí Llavador: 115
26. San Jose street rehabilitation home: 112
27. New City Hall: 109
28. Redevelopment Pare Pere: 89
29. Football tracks: 76
30. Conditioning building Cervantes: 71
31. Quevedo Street Redevelopment: 66
32. Paddle courts: 60
33. Street Redevelopment Cándida Carbonell: 54
34. Urbanization street Xàbia-Gate to Denia (Phase I): 45
35: Rehabilitation Nau Giner (falleras old ships): 34

  1. Juan says:

    An intermodal station is needed outside the city
    (Torrequemada) that combines train, bus and taxi in a single center.
    And from there, traffic will be distributed to the rest of the city
    (For that would also require a good Perimeter Round). But of
    Moment, we already decongest the already chaotic Center, we remove
    Pollution and provide greater flexibility to traffic.

  2. Jose Carlos says:

    Yesterday in full and said they would study the proposal better location to the emerging doubts. The important thing is to take this into account

  3. ego says:

    !!Eye!! If we see that so many doubts in your location, like the mall happen, and they do in Ondara

  4. @m says:

    What about the votes for Proposals 36 and 37? on 25/10, proposal 1 had 441 votes and 37 had 943 ...

  5. other says:

    ?? We are sure that will be built ?? 8 million, just what Denia because suppliers. (See Provinces today)

  6. Cinti says:

    The dissemination of the survey on the 21 agenda has been scarce, right? Because I would have liked to participate. The truth is that although the location of the bus station is not ideal, if it has concordance, being next to the train station, and necessary, since the state of the bus station denotes abandonment. I hope they modernize it, with signage panels indicating the different stops, boarding times, bus ticket booths, toilets, etc. And that, since they have to build it new, take into account the accessibility. Recently a blind girl came down from the bus and we had to bring her to the sidewalk, because she was standing there in the middle of the street, waiting for them to come for her, not knowing the danger she was running.
    A good idea would be the redevelopment (or connection) of the Marjal Parade with Avenida de Europa, or Repartiment Street, Llavador, as the whole area seems disconnected. They could design a park in the forest there, so the neighbors would have a place to take their pets for a walk, and that would cease to be an infectious focus as it is now, abandoned and unprimed. There would be a better connection with Hotel Daniya, Aldi supermarket, etc ...

    • other says:

      Cinti, the location would be logical if he really has been studied according to the PGOU (general urban development plan) and therefore no other interests

      • Cinti says:

        ah, yes. I do not know what has the general urban development plan, but you may be right. I was referring more to the logic that has more getting off a train and a bus to get on, without having to travel half the city. And I will not tell you if they continued connection to Gandia! .. Anyway, let's hope they build taking into account both accessibility and agglomeration that such construction will produce ..

  7. Jose Carlos says:

    That money not only goes to the station. It is intended to more projects. Please read well.

  8. paula says:

    One thing I forgot. The project of the bus station will cost the 8.000.000 € ???? Because if it is like this seems an aberration !!!.
    The "NAU" was a large-scale work and comparing it with a bus station, it doesn't fit me !!!!

  9. Carlos says:

    The place is not the most suitable for insufficient, for agglomeration of traffic and to remove a parking lot used. They have heavy in the neighborhood complaints that will surely have

    But my question is this: the project is of closed, open or underground construction
    A greeting and thanks in advance

  10. MIKEL says:

    The location seems strange to me ... I think there are hidden interests in its being in that location ... and I think the votes are more false than the 60 euro bills ...

    The ideal location for the three was next to the hacienda building. There is space and it is accessible through the Dénia entrance, with some improvements in the access, of course ... But putting it next to the train station, when that station is supposed to disappear ... it makes no sense ...

    But hey, like everything in this city ...

  11. babs says:

    The location of the train station does not seem adequate at all.

    In this place, many schoolchildren go on school buses each morning.

    This parking is vital for Denia and more on market days or in summer.

    More traffic in the center? When in Torrecremada there is plenty of room and it does not bother anyone. I do not understand how people could vote like this without thinking about the consequences.

  12. paula says:

    As always Dénia liándola brown

    Taking into account that if finally the railway station is made outside the urban area, it will happen with the bus station that is intended to be made. Will it also move ???

    This would mean a new additional expenditure, which the citizens of Denia will not be able to afford.

    The logical thing, if it is intended to carry out necessary infrastructures, is that we take into account how we want Dénia to be in the future. And let's avoid doing and then undoing and doing again… .. which triples the cost of any action, something that today the citizens of Dénia cannot afford.

    This without the circulatory chaos that can be liar.

  13. Jose Carlos says:

    I think it's a bit stupid to put the station on the sea station. It would be a traffic chaos between cars and buses. A little more seriousness.
    As for the consultation, I think it's great. I think we have seen the citizens feel about the needs of the population.
    And as for the agenda, I have been participating for years and I do not think it is right to say that it is not worth anything. Moreover, there were those who commented that the proposal was gaining, was not correct, because it is to move a problem from one point to another.
    There it was said that the possibility of putting it next to the hacienda would be better studied.

    • txin says:

      Let's be serious and read… .before we speak… ..I have said from the beginning that it is against any economic theory not to remove the stations from the city, but that before doing it in the center with a cost "X", for that the version is offered Baleària at zero cost and thus be able to wait until the day that the downtown train station is taken out of the city they are located together ... and allocate the nine million that are already 7 and that after studying this option they will remain at 6 to not to be done and then in 5 etc …… until the 9 go to the hands of different studies of less diverse friends.
      And that that the query is great ... how many have voted and how many are from Dénia ... do you think it is representative?
      And as for the agenda21 it is clear that they get things done, maybe I participate in elaborating the voting options, so you say the winning option would not have been put, you see ... it only serves to justify that what is done is with citizen participation and that is a lie..as all and time will tell

  14. Obdulia says:

    I do not think it's the right place.
    Traffic of buses, in addition the chosen place is insufficient
    in terms of surface area for existing lines… .Torrecremada
    Would be the ideal place, but where the fair of all the
    Saints?? The strategic place has to be a point with good
    Communication and sufficient clearance to avoid circulatory chaos
    and the agglomerations, you have to think of an adjoining taxi stop
    or in some way that can transport users to the
    port and train station… ..

  15. txin says:

    the botch of the consultation has become clear …… scarce
    participation and more when I can verify… .that many votes
    They come from outside Dénia… .if that is how the
    agenda21..better that they give him a lock ... it's useless.Put in
    Relationship that has gained when it is not feasible, for
    Different motives, but above all what a politician should know
    Which is that it is necessary to move away from the center, says much of the technical level
    of our political class in government ... very serious. It's more
    When Baleària has offered its facilities at zero cost to
    locate it. with 7 platforms, offices, terminal ... everything and therefore is
    Concentrates the sea flow, with connection to the center (near the
    Train) with the panseta (solar barge) and even in the center
    Communication nothing to do with getting into the heart of the city and
    That could be improved by making a round and thus dedicate the money
    virtual, killing two birds with one stone, bus station and
    Perimeter round

  16. Maite Correro says:

    I do not consider the enclave of the station
    Buses in that area of ​​the Denia-Alicante train, the transit in this
    Place is constant and space is not so great as to allow
    Such a location, much more appropriate would be in the area of ​​Torrequemada
    And as Juan comments a step forward for this city DENIA
    (Which KENYA did not have) a more fluid communication and more
    Means of transport than the current ones that are really scarce and
    Not very comfortable for the citizen and that in his moment some mind
    Brilliant I consider that in this city was left over the train,

  17. sabina says:

    What are you going to fer amb la plaça Arxiduc Carles? Faran a

  18. Carlos says:

    They have thought about the traffic chaos that will result in the entrance
    And exit of buses in the selected location ?. They think that
    Can happen in the summer ?. I find it amazing. We will have to think
    In leaving Denia. Greetings,

  19. nueva says:

    Locations? With "h" ?? Seriously? Oh Mother…

  20. Juan says:

    Well, location is interesting, but by size we
    We stayed the same or worse and by traffic in the area, indisputably
    worse ... If it were for Torrecremada, it would already be a first step for
    The train station also went to that area and remove it from a
    Instead of the center with the whole barrier it creates
    currently ... we'll see ...

  21. other says:

    I hope that the LOCATION is correct (not HUBICATION), as
    Says the editor of the news