Dénia doubles its number of new cases of coronavirus in the latest update

23 October 2020 - 10: 21

The Ministry of Health has updated the coronavirus data by municipality for the last 3 days. These collect the results of the PCR tests carried out during that period.

In the case of the Dénia Health Department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends, there is once again a growth in the new positives. 28 have been registered throughout the region, which leaves it with a cumulative incidence of 36,10 (infections per 100.000 inhabitants). In the last 14 days, it has added 62 infections, leaving a total of 1.430 since the pandemic began.

In the case of Dénia, it again covers the majority of infections in the region and again sees its cases grow until they are doubled in this update. 11 new positives have been added to their figures. This is, as we said, more than double the 5 registered in the previous update, corresponding to 4 days and not 3 as on this occasion. In addition, it is far from the good data obtained the previous week.

The capital of the Marina Alta increases its incidence again to 45'06 due to the 19 infections added in the last two weeks. In total, there are already 801 since the pandemic began.

New cases of coronavirus in the rest of the Marina Alta

  • Xàbia: 3
  • Ondara: 3
  • Pedreguer: 1
  • Teulada: 2
  • Calp: 2
  • Xaló: 2
  • Orba: 2
  • El Verger: 1
  • Alcalalí: 1
  1. Carol says:

    They should not let them go from one town to another or from one town to another, much less for matters that ARE NOT OF FIRST ORDER.
    Many contacts are coming just from meetings for dinner ...
    In Salamanca, you can ONLY remove your mask when you have to drink or put food in your mouth.
    Also between diner and diner, 2 meters apart.
    If there is one @ infected, it is certain that without these severe measures, it will infect others.
    And the fewer that get together the better.
    You are fined if this is not done in Salamanca and there is a lot of vigilance and that is how it should be in any locality as you are not with the people you live with… and still there is danger.
    Indoors there is a very high probability of contagion and at night, even higher.
    No bridges, no parties or anything at all, each one at home.

    That's my advice

    Let each one do what they should or the consequences will be very serious… now they run faster, because there are no restrictions or quarantine at the beginning.

    ECONOMY is above HEALTH.


  2. Juan says:

    You can thank Aleixa Garcia, Gema Perles, Maria Doblas, Amor Rodriguez and other scoundrels in which gossip and flirting prevail to contain the virus. On top of that they are showing off their cheek on social media ...

  3. Juan Antonio says:

    Very true

  4. Luis says:

    It is what the party bridges have, walking the virus.

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