Dénia dismisses Paula Bertomeu and Laura Mena, Senior Falleras 2011

May 28 from 2011 - 01: 30

After an intense year of events and a social life of the most complete and busy, Paula Bertomeu and Laura Mena, Falleras Mayores de Dénia, they said goodbye last night to hundreds of people who attended the event that was held at the Social Center.

The moving event was presented by Marian Moltó, and the courts of honor of the Falleras Mayores and each and every one of the positions of the 11 Fallas commissions, both this year that ends and 2012, passed through the stage.

The mayor, Ana KringeHe took the stage to say a few words of farewell to the stars of the night, they were, especially Laura Mena, very excited throughout the event.

The Secretary of the Board, Vicent Oltra, read the minutes of the "Vicente Guntiñas i Cruañes" award for the best parade of the offering, which was for the Falla Port Rotes.

Children charges of Falla Center, Bernat Lluna Sanz and Perez, cousin Paula, addressed a few words to her friend on a special day, reminding her that, after all this time, Els Quatre Cantons awaits your arrival to remain a faller more of the Center.

Marisa Rodríguez, president of the Falla CampamentsAnd Alvaro, who was president in 2010 with Laura, highlighted the knowledge to be the Fallera Mayor and his permanenente smile.

One of the most emotional moments was lived with the discrusos of their relatives. On the part of Paula, her mother, Maite Bertomeu, took the stage. She remembered how, from a very young age, Paula pointed out ways in the fallero world. Diego Mena, Laura's father, was in charge of dedicating a few words to his daughter, stressing that nobody can love the failures like her, because that's mission impossible.

After a video review of the best moments of the Falleras Mayores, it was the turn of their parliaments. Paula began her speech in the same way she did the night of the maid, and thanked all the love and help she has received during this year. Laura began warning that she had made it short, because being weeping as she is, it would be difficult for her to endure. Like Paula, he thanked the samples of love and help at all times received, and said goodbye with a "Fins Semper" from his position as Fallera Mayor de Dénia 2011.

The last to make his speech was the president of the Local Board FalleraJuan Pedro Sánchez, also very excited on a special night for him, since says goodbye to his position as president. Juan Pedro had a memory for all Falleras Seniors have passed through its mandate and for the consistory.

On Wednesday, after the vote of the members of the Board, the mayor will call the two cicas elected as Senior Falleras 2012.

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