Dénia is no longer the city that registers the most new cases of coronavirus in the Marina Alta

13 October 2020 - 11: 18

The Ministry of Health has updated the coronavirus data in the Marina Alta by adding the results of the PCR tests carried out during the last 4 days.

The coronavirus in the Marina Alta continues to decline, with Health notifying only 8 new positive cases registered in the Dénia Health Department since Thursday. In total, there are 1.370 positives in COVID-19 registered in the Marina Alta since the pandemic began, 39 of them during the last 14 days and that, therefore, leave a minimum incidence of 22 positives per 71 inhabitants.

On this occasion, Dénia has only added 2 new positives, ceasing to be the municipality that registers the most new cases. In total, the capital has added 783 infections since March, only 10 in the last 14 days. The hardest days of Dénia have already passed weeks, when the worrying incidence exceeded half a thousand. Now, the municipality has an incidence of 23'72, slightly higher than that of the region.

Xàbia This time it is the town that registers the most new infections, with 3 new cases, followed by Calp, with 2. Teulada and Gata also add one new case each.

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  1. José says:

    In the end, this will be a career as if it were a soccer game! Always saying ranking of the towns by contagions promoting the culture of fear and ignorance !! Let's see if you relax now and who does not want risks that does not leave home and let life continue that we are destroying enough of the young people with so much absurd measure of restriction that it only serves to look good to the politicians

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