Dénia reveals its emblematic places of the Republic, the war and the first Francoism

Event Date: March 29th 2023
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Dénia Municipal Library
Schedule: 19: 30 hours
Event finished

The Dénia City Council, from the Municipal Archive, has collaborated with the Alicante Civic Commission for the Recovery of Historical Memory in the elaboration of the guide Democratic Memory Itineraries: Dénia. A project fully subsidized by the Ministry of the Presidency and Democratic Memory that also includes the publication of guides in the cities of Orihuela and Monóvar. Three cities in the province of Alicante chosen to be places where important events took place during the years of the Civil War.

The edition of the itineraries is coordinated from the University of Alicante. The itinerary of democratic memory dedicated to Dénia is written by Teresa Ballester, a pioneer historian in the study of the Republic and the Civil War in the Marina Alta, and Rosa Seser, Dénia archivist. Both have managed to present a synthetic work but with great historical rigor and well illustrated with photographs and documents from the collections of the Dénia Municipal Archive.

The guide includes the emblematic places of Dénia de la República, the war and the first Franco regime, composing an urban itinerary of about two and a half hours with nine significant stopover spaces. In addition, a set of complementary visits around the city are suggested: in the cemetery, the Montgó chasm or the vestiges of the defensive system.

The objective is to disseminate to the general public and, especially, to the school world, the events of this period that is so significant for our history. It is necessary to situate the events in space to make them real, with the final idea of ​​valuing democracy and peaceful coexistence.

The Guide Democratic Memory Itineraries: Dénia It will be presented on Wednesday, March 29, at 19:30 p.m., at the Dénia Municipal Public Library. Those attending the event will receive a copy as a gift.

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