Dénia creates its first Humanities Festival that will bring together relevant figures of thought and science

10 March 2022 - 20: 12

The Dénia Creative City of Gastronomy Foundation of the Valencian Community has approved this midday the organization of the Dénia Humanities Festival project. An event that arises from the concerns that assail human beings and that have been aggravated by the experience of the pandemic, which has renewed awareness of our fragility and the state of uncertainty that characterizes us.

As explained by the Foundation, It will be a meeting for reflection aimed at citizens who propose and demand a critical look that allows us to understand the keys to the world in which we live. This forum to disseminate the ideas and debates of the moment will make Dénia the state epicenter of critical thinking about today's world.

The festival was created with the aim of becoming an annual event attended by figures representing thought, science, economics, theatre, the audiovisual universe and the visual arts to share ideas and experiences, in spaces and formats aimed at an audience broad, that feels challenged by the desire to think, create, imagine and live together.

The proposal approved today by the Foundation has the support of the Dénia City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana, and will be developed cWith the collaboration of the magazine La Maleta de Portbou, directed by Joseph Ramoneda, writer and journalist, and the fundamental involvement of the local business community with the initial sponsorship of the Foundation Baleària.

The organization of this action, which will mainly have private financing, will allow the Foundation to fulfill one of its founding purposes, defined in the statutes, by contributing to the creation, development and dissemination of humanistic thought in different aspects within the geographical scope of the Marina Alta.

The Dénia Humanities Festival will be held at the end of October in different scenarios and with a table of participants that will be presented later.

  1. Raul says:

    Is that why we pay taxes?

  2. Lizzie says:

    Great …..