Dénia closes museums and exhibitions due to the increase in the incidence of the coronavirus

January 14 from 2021 - 10: 04

The Dénia City Council has decided to close several of the municipal facilities as it did last spring, again due to the alarming incidence of the coronavirus in the municipality, which exceeds the highest records of the entire pandemic.

These facilities that will be closed, for now, until next January 31 are the museums (Ethnological, Archaeological and the Museum of the Sea), the exhibition rooms of the Center d'Art L'Estacio, the Espai Castejón and the room on the 2nd floor of the House of Culture and the Municipal Archive, although the latter may be used through the available telematic means. Also, hours after announcing the exhibition Vinticinc vacances to Ovidi Montllor it was canceled due to this closure.

On the contrary, the Municipal Library and the reading agency of the House of Culture will remain open.

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  1. faustino says:

    Can someone comment on what happened to the wonderful collection of coins that was in the castle museum? I guess something would happen, robbery? because they disappeared from one year to the next and we haven't heard from them.
    Couldn't it be restored and little by little go stockpiling similar to what there was?