Dénia closes September with 366 more people unemployed

07 October 2014 - 08: 13

The end of the summer has been especially noticed in the unemployment data that September has left in Dénia where 366 people have increased unemployment data. At the regional level, unemployment has increased 1.014 people in the Marina Alta in the last month, a total of 14.518 people unemployed in the region.

For populations, Dénia is the one that has suffered this growth followed by Calpe, with 217 new inscribed on the lists of Servef, and XàbiaWhere the number of unemployed persons increased by 146.

But not all data are discouraging, because there are six municipalities in the region in which unemployment has fallen slightly. This is Sanet and Negrals (1 person), Benimeli, Ràfol and Tormos (2 people) and Orba and Pego (3 people in each).

In terms of sectors, the service sector has been the hardest hit with a loss of 976 jobs after the end of the summer, followed by people without economic activity, a figure that increased by 45 other people, and the sector industry 28 new affiliations unemployment.

Tourism in Dénia

Regarding new contracts totaling 3.069 337 of which were permanent and the remainder, 89%, temporary were signed.

For the union Comisiones Obreras these data are "important blow" generated a situation of job insecurity and tourist seasonalization, noting especially "abusive levels" of temporary contracts.

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