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1ª Dénia celebrates the day on Chronic Patients with opening by Sofia Clar

18 June 2014 - 17: 32

The General Director of Healthcare, Sofia Clar, opened this morning the First Day of Continuity of Care for Chronic Patients and Long Stay, along with the Manager of the Department of Health of Dénia, Ángel Giménez and the Commissioner of the Ministry of Health in the Dénia Health Department, José Félix Quintero, a day that took place in the hospital in Denia.

Inauguration Day I Chronically

During his speech, Sofia Clar has expressed satisfaction with the work of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration that is taking place in the Dénia Department of Health for the treatment of chronic patients. He also stressed the importance of primary care in the identification and management of chronic patient because "they are the professionals who are closer to him and to better monitor its chronicity can do."

During the day, which is held in the morning and afternoon sessions, issues such as the challenge of chronicity in the 21st century, care for patients with multiple pathologies and palliative care, as well as nursing care for this patient profile have been addressed.

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