Dénia Senior Women's Basketball prevails for the second time over UPB Gandía in a competitive match

February 27 from 2023 - 09: 45

The second confrontation in seven days between the Senior Women's team of the Dénia Básquet and UPB Gandía ended with a new victory for the players of Juan Luis Pérez (64-45), although this time the script was very different from the match played the previous week on the Valencian field.

Although they began by clearly dominating their rivals, from the second period their reaction was notable, balancing the score until their final takeoff, which only came in the last ten minutes of the match.

At halftime his income was four points. Their tight defense on one side and being able this time, unlike the previous week, to break their pressure to the full court, kept the forces even.

Those of Dénia began the second part with the clearest ideas. Their success from the triple forced them to risk more in defense, creating from there more spaces through which they could do damage. The increase in their defensive intensity also led them to make some mistakes.

With this new scenario, the differences grew to fourteen points, thus beginning to get the result back on track. In the last period, the visitors did not stop trying to return to the match until the last moment, making the game one of the most competitive that Joan Fuster has seen this season.

The next day they will receive the visit of CB Oliva, a rival also from the top of the standings against those who will seek to maintain the leadership they now hold in the standings.

DBC SUMA Senior Men 1 National - NB Xàtiva (64-70)

DBC SUMA Senior Men 1 Nacional could not beat NB Xàtiva in Joan Fuster and added another defeat (64-70), on a day in which they had a hard time generating points in attack.

The Valencians started the game very well while the Dianenses lost too many balls and failed to score regularly. It would be in the second period when they found the way to equalize their forces, coming to rest with the visitor ahead by a single point (27-28) and the team in an ascending line.

Those led by Eduardo Clavero and Pascual Miralles, however, found themselves in trouble again in the third quarter, when their accuracy fell again.
Xàtiva played his best minutes, with great outside effectiveness and putting all his energy into the fight under both boards. As a result, the difference shot up to fourteen points, forcing those from Dénia to try an epic comeback to fight for the match.

Without a doubt, the team tried until the last moment. The success from the triple finally arrived in the fourth period, and the defensive pressure caused a multitude of turnovers to the visitors.

The differences narrowed, with very little missing in the end to turn the score around, but the truth is that the reaction, which due to merit should serve to strengthen the team, was late and a strong team like the one that visited them was not going to miss the chance to win.

The Dénia Básquet will have a difficult outing next weekend to the Moixent field, another of the teams that command the classification that traditionally has a hard time overcoming.

Senior Men Preferred - SCD Carolinas (70-71)

The Preferred Senior Men's team suffered a very tight defeat against SCD Carolinas in the Joan Fuster pavilion, losing by a score of 70-71. Despite the team's enormous effort to keep up with their rivals for a large part of the game and take the initiative, the game slipped away in the final moments, this being the third defeat by a slight difference so far this season.

During the first part of the game, the team seemed to dominate the tempo of the game, attacking with fluidity and being vertical to the basket. However, in defense they could not consolidate what they had won in the opposite field, which left them at the expense of the opponent's mistakes, unable to condition their shots to lower their percentages. Despite this, the team managed to go into the break with a seven-point lead, which made them feel like they could compete for the win.

In the third quarter, however, it was the visitors who little by little managed to take the lead thanks to their greater success in the outside shot. In the final stretch of the game, both teams had the same chances of victory, but the lack of freshness of the home team took its toll. They failed to build clear attacks that would have allowed them to tip the balance in their favor.

Now, the team must recover from this defeat and focus on their next match against Ifach Calp, a direct rival in the fight for permanence, which they will visit on matchday nineteen of the competition.

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