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Dénia approves the Municipal Action Plan against the risk of floods

26 June 2020 - 13: 53

The ordinary plenary session held yesterday, Thursday, initially approved the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) against the risk of floods, the main objectives of which are, in the first place, to achieve the maximum protection for people, property and the environment that may result affected when this type of natural phenomenon occurs and, to achieve this, a hierarchical and functional structure of the means and resources of the municipality, both public and private, is established to cope with this type of situation of risk or serious emergency.

The plan also seeks to foresee the organizational structure and operations for intervention in flood emergencies in the municipality, as well as to determine the vulnerable elements based on risk analysis and the levels of risk in the different areas of the municipality and delimit the areas according to possible intervention requirements. The document also contemplates the action of specifying the information and alert procedures in the population and developing the catalog of means and resources available in the municipality, as well as the mechanisms for its permanent updating.

The elaboration and approval of the PAM against the risk of floods corresponds to the municipal government body (the plenary session) and their approval will be carried out by the Civil Protection Commission of the Valencian Community. The competence in the direction of these plans corresponds to the mayor of the municipality.

Once approved, the PAM will be integrated into the Special Plan against the risk of Floods in the Valencian Community, which is director of territorial planning at the municipal level against this risk, and will also be integrated into the organizational framework of the Territorial Plan municipal facing emergencies.

The PAM includes a delimitation and hydrological description of the main drainage basins and sub-basins that affect the municipality of Dénia, which serves to carry out an analysis of the risk of flooding according to the hydrographic basins identified in the scope of the study and defines the areas according to the detected risk.

In addition, the document incorporates detailed information on the organization and operation of the Plan, its implementation and maintenance.

Annexes include a catalog of the identified resources, a description of the CECOPAL (Center for Municipal Operational Coordination), the directory with addresses and telephone numbers of the resources and mapping of the identified critical points in relation to flood-prone critical points.

Once the PAM has been approved against the risk of floods and approved by the Civil Protection Commission of the Valencian Community, the City Council will promote the necessary actions for its implementation and the maintenance of its operation.

Within three months from the entry into force of the Plan, an annual planning of the activities to be carried out will be established, both in terms of infrastructure provision, outreach and drills, as well as the updating and periodic review of East.

For the implementation of the Plan, a series of actions must be carried out in the first phase, the objective of which is to make the Plan a fully operational document and known by all the resources that have to intervene in the emergency.

The PAM will be reviewed annually by conducting, at a minimum, a pre-emergency and / or emergency drill or a meeting of all municipal service personnel who are involved in order to review operational issues.

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