Dénia hosts an information day on gender equality in classrooms

Event Date: 23 September 2017
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: The House of the Paraula (Baleària Port)
Opening times: From 9: 30 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

La Fampa Enric Valor of Alicante, next to the Confederation Gonzalo Anaya, organized a day for families and, in general, the educational community, to indicate guidelines for co-education in and outside the classroom. The day Com dur la igualtat a les aules will be held next Saturday, 23 of September in the Paraula house en Baleària Port in Dènia.

Interventions will begin at 9: 30 in the morning with the presentation to be made by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture and Education, Rafa Carrió and the Councilor for Equality and Elderly, Elisabet Cardona.

The program of this Saturday includes professionals and experts in matters of equality of the size of Mercedes Sánchez Vico, Professor and Responsible of the Plan of Equality of the IES Eduardo Janeiro of Fuengirola (Málaga); the Marina Subirats, Professor of Sociology. Both will insist on the importance of learning coeducation at early ages and how to avoid the use of gender stereotypes in everyday life both in education and

In the second part of the day, a roundtable will be held in which the Association for the Co-education of the Valencian Country, Paqui Méndez; the Doctor in Sociology, Sandra Obiol and the professor of the University of València and advisor of coeducation and equality in CEFIRE, Ana López who will insist on the importance of involving the entire educational community in order to advance in coeducation.

After the presentations, a turn will be opened so that attendees can raise their doubts or concerns about the exhibitions, in this way, a forum of active participation will be established during the day. The turn of interventions will close Raúl Alós, President of the Confederació Gonzalo Anaya and the FAMPA Enric Valor of Alicante.

The entrance to the day is free and open to the entire educational community. To register you must send an email to: administracion@fapaalicante.com or by phone: 96 542 07 56

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