Dénia hosts the conference "The Power of the Brand"

Event Date: 12 of February 2015
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Sea station
Opening times: 19: 00 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

Next Thursday 12 in February, the Maritime station of Dénia will host the day "The Power of the Brand", a free event that will analyze "the brand" under different points of view in the hands of the presentations of two professionals, Antonio Climent and Juan Antonio Almendros.

Antonio Climent will be in charge of the presentation "Personal brand, you have no choice ...", in which you will analyze how a personal brand positions you in an increasingly fast and changing market. Climent is an expert in human resources in multinational companies, leaders in different sectors of activity,

Juan Antonio Almendros, for his part, will make the presentation "The 3.0 mark, or how to reign without a throne", in which he will talk about the importance of the brand in marketing. Juan Antonio Almendros is brandwriter, teacher and consultant of verbal identity and persuasive communication.

Participation in the day is completely free, although prior registration is necessary through a form online courses.

The power of the brand

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  1. Maite Carrio says:

    I would like to attend this event