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Delicies Cheese Bar Opens First Denia

May 02 from 2013 - 00: 00

It remains very attentive because in the coming days deliciesThe Gourmet Store Dénia Municipal Market Opens I Cheese Bar in Dénia.

For only 4,50 euros Treat yourself to a taste of authentic flavors, a pleasure for your palate. Treat yourself with this tasting menu consisting of a glass of Cava, 5 portions of different cheese and ham bait, all for 4,50 euros.

Historically, red wine has had a place of honor as the best friend of the cheese. Today trends change and cava or champagne give another dimension to the tasting. With its mild flavor and subtle flavors multiply bubbles. It is presented as a great revelation.

Delicies is a stop Dénia Municipal Market are looking for and find products cooperatives, artisans of our community and elsewhere with the desire to preserve the authenticity and quality of your tastes good.

In Delicies you find most traditional and delicious products of our area as well as a wide assortment of gourmet products imported directly from France or England among other countries.

For the perfect cheese tasting:

Remove the cheese from the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving and serve cava between 5 7 ° °.

Cavas Recommended:

Natural rough up 3 g of sugar, without being added
Gross extra until 6 g of sugar per liter
Gross to 12 g of sugar per liter

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