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From the 20 to the 28 of July, Ondara is immersed fully in the festivities of Sant Jaume

01 June 2018 - 07: 25

The most awaited parties of Ondara are already knocking at the door. From the 20 to the 28 of July, the municipality will dress up to celebrate Sant Jaume, some festivities organized by the Department of Festivals and Traditions of the City of Ondara.

Novelty: Contest of decolamiento of booths

The Councilor of Festivities and Traditions, M.ª Carmen Velázquez, has advanced that in the Popular Festivals Sant Jaume 2018 For the first time, the celebration of the contest for decorating booths will be promoted, as an incentive for the clubs and quintadas to improve the exterior image of their meeting places and make them more attractive.

To get more involved, there will be cash prizes for the 3 best-dressed gambling dens (300, 200 and 100 euros, for the first, second and third place). In addition, he also recalled that the Saturday June 30 will occur Festa Sant Jaume Compte Arrere, which, as a prelude to the Popular Festivities, will be held throughout the day, organized by the Sant Jaume Commission, with musical performances, children's activities, carts, the great cagà and bar service.

A novelty of the festivities this year will be the musical show for older people Friday July 27 at night on Sant Jaume street, with Magdalena Romero, Carlos Luna and Antonio Rascón. In addition, M.ª Carmen Velázquez has highlighted the special commemoration to be held on the night of the chupinazo, to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the first proclamation of parties from the City Council. The first proclamation will be read Quintà 93 and then the proclamation of the Quintà 2018 Els Pregonats.

They return the Nit de Germanor, the sliding tracks and the Grand Prix

After the success of last year, this 2018 returns the Nit of Germanor, which will take place on Monday July 23 from the 22 hours on Avenida Doctor Fleming, and that will have two types of verbena; the group's performance The Terrasseta de Preixens and DJ Montaner on the stage of the central area next to the Plaza de Toros, and with Rosana on the stage of the senior area (Plaza País Valencià).

Doctor Fleming Avenue will be closed to traffic for the occasion, and will be open to the participation of all the neighbors and residents of Ondara. There will be live music, children's entertainment, and bar service. Until July's 18, the Germanor 2018 menu can be booked at the Casa de Cultura, or the two free drink tickets can be collected for those who stay for dinner, whether or not they order the menu.

They also return sliding tracks, this year with the installation of two of them: one of 90 meters, and another of 30 meters for the smallest. They will be installed on Wednesday 25 of July, Day of Sant Jaume, in the morning in the Bajada de la Purísima, to provide more animation to the traditional Day of the Quintadas.

He too Grand Prix started last year for clubs and quintadas will have continuity this year, and will be held on Sunday 22 of July at night.

Music, an indispensable ingredient

Music has been confirmed as an essential ingredient in the fiestas of Sant Jaume. This year, the program covers three major musical events: Nit de Rock, Rock & Moll and nightly festivals.

The seven days of celebration, and as a prelude to the dinners, concerts will be offered in the Moll del Prado to the 20: 30 hours. The Councilor for Culture, Raquel Mengual, explained that they will have the performances of Insignia (Saturday 21 of July), Sïana Soul (Sunday 22 of July), Loli Pop (Monday 23 July), Dirty Fingers (Tuesday 24 July), Human Error (Wednesday 25 July), Perversions (Friday 27 July), and The Cabriolets (Saturday 28 July). It is a varied music style, with groups from the region, and it is aimed at all audiences. On the other hand, a concert is introduced in the morning schedule; Mocha will perform on 22 Sunday of July at the 12: 30 hours at the Prado.

El Friday July 27 get to the Nit de Rock, from the 23: 30 hours, in the parking lot of Nacions Sense Street. As detailed by the organizer, Toni Miralles, the poster of the Nit de Rock It is very complete and varied and is composed by the Asturian group Desakato; smoking Souls, and the local group mistime, which has been represented by Pau Soler and Jovi Fernández. DJ Macondo will animate the group changes.

This year, the verbenas de Sant Jaume 2018 will be borne by La Canalla on Friday 20 of July (after the proclamation); on Saturday 21 of July will act the Seven Crasher (Sant Jaume street); Wednesday of July, day of Sant Jaume, it will be the turn of the orchestra Duck (Sant Jaume street); Thursday 26, paella day (there will be a paella contest at night), will act Party (in El Prado), and the 28 in July, the last Saturday of festivities, will play La Tribu (Sant Jaume street), according to M.ª Carmen Velázquez.

There will also be two mobile discs in the Ronda Generalitat; Party Holy Party On 22 Sunday in July with DJs Alex Femenia and Saimon Mas (after the Grand Prix), and on Tuesday 24 in July with local DJs D&D, John Oliver and VZSZ.

The little ones are also protagonists

In the festive program, the activities aimed at the children and family public stand out. In this section there are various initiatives that will be carried out every day in the morning, in the surroundings of the Prado: on Saturday 21 in July, children's water park; 22 Sunday, biker games and ribbon race (with mandatory helmet for minors); Monday 23, bous amb carretons; Tuesday 24, Children's Acuajocs; Wednesday 25 (Day of Sant Jaume), two super sliding tracks; Thursday 26, children's games with the collaboration of the Júniors MD; Friday 27, water games in the municipal pool, and also Ginkana in the Plaza de Toros and around the Prado; and on Saturday 28 of July, water playground.

In this way, activity is provided every morning during the week of Sant Jaume festivities. There will also be a healthy leisure workshop with the collaboration of the Red Cross on Thursday 26 in July at 18 hours, in the Prado.

Also aimed at the youngest, the performances of the "bous en carretons" that will be held for several days, managed by the Toros Commission, stand out. There will be four performances of bous in carretons: on Saturday 21 in July at 19 hours; Monday 23 of July at 12 hours; Thursday 26 of July at 00: 15 hours; and 28 Saturday in July at 19 hours.

In addition, the "Entrà de bous gegants per a la petite" is introduced as a novelty on Tuesday 24 in July at the 19: 30 hours, with a fun entrance of giant inflatable bulls.

Bullfighting program

As it is already traditional in the Popular Festivals of Sant Jaume, the bullfighting acts will be one of the main centers of attention of the programming. The program is organized by the Commisió de Bous, keeping the acts that work best.

According to the representative of the Comissió de Bous, Javi Gómez, there will be bull and loose entrances of heifers every day at the Plaza de Toros (during the afternoon and evening); trimming contest on Sunday 22 of July; jònecs the day of Sant Jaume (so that all older people of 16 can participate); display of four bull tickets on Tuesday 24; and in addition, there will be entry and exit of bulls from the square on three occasions (Saturday 21, Tuesday 24 and Saturday 28) at night.

For this year, the bullfighting commission has presented a special performance: "Exhibition of bravery" of the Livestock of Zaragoza "Hnos Ozcoz" for Friday 27 of July at 20 hours, in which 3 euros will be charged for the ticket. It is the only exhibition of these characteristics in the province of Alicante, with a selection of the strongest animals (12 in total) of the Spanish panorama.

Matches in the Ratchet

In the sporting section, highlights will be the professional games of Valencian pilots at the Municipal Trinquet of Ondara for the 21, 27 and 28 days in July, as well as the games of the Pilota de Sant Jaume Tournament. The professional scale games will be held at the 18: 30 hours. On Friday 27 of July, after the final of the local tournament, the party game will be offered (with free admission) between Puchol II and Tomás II against Soro III and Felix.

An egalitarian party

The Councilor for Equality, Raquel Mengual, has advanced that during the festivities a campaign against sexist aggressions will be carried out with the objective of sensitizing the citizens. To this end, violet-colored fans will be distributed with messages for the promotion of equality and against sexist violence. In addition, this year, in the contest of beading, they ask that some element be introduced in favor of equality. Also launched as a novelty campaign on the napkins of bars "the real fun not fa evil"; and fixed and mobile "Violet Points" will be installed.

Cleaning and recycling

The delegate Councilor of SINMA, Francesc Giner, has announced the actions that will be carried out from SINMA (municipal company in charge of waste collection) in Sant Jaume, because "while we are partying, there are people who work so that You can continue with the activity. "

The intention that is pursued from the municipal companies is to make visible, in these dates of the popular festivities, aspects such as sustainability, the esteem to the environment and the promotion of recycling, and for these reasons, on the one hand, they are planning the improvement of provision of containers in some of the spaces and their signaling; Each zone of clubs will have a complete complement of aerial containers (organic, glass, plastic and packaging, paper and cardboard).

Its location will be defined according to different criteria (user accessibility, ease of pick-up service, avoid as far as possible the inconveniences of the neighborhood), and will be properly marked. Also the event of the Nit de Germanor will have a defined area of ​​containers of several fractions, which will be duly marked.

In addition, from SINMA they want to get the implication and awareness of all the people that participate in this Fiesta, and for that reason, a material kit linked to recycling, to promote awareness with the proper management of generated waste (will be provided: bags of selective collection raffia (yellow and blue), information material on good recycling practices, and a map with the location of containers , the schedules established for the collection, and other relevant information).

Also, as indicated by Francesc Giner, a network action linked to good recycling practices will be designed around the Sant Jaume 2018 festivities, where anyone can participate using the hashtag #SantJaumeSostenible.

Sale of Sant Jaume products

The elements of merchandising (T-shirts, plates, glasses, bracelet for glasses, scarves, etc.) of the Sant Jaume 2018 festivities, will be on sale in the month of July at the Casa de Cultura. Tickets can also be purchased at the Casa de Cultura for the trimmers contest (advance 6 euros, at the box office 8 euros).

In addition, the registration period for the registration will be opened until the July 18. Nit of Germanor (you can reserve a menu for 10 euros or take the dinner, in both cases, you have to register in order to have the necessary tables and chairs, as well as to collect the tickets for two free drinks).

A passionate cover

The new cover image of Sant Jaume 2018 has been created by the local designer Mª del Mar Puigcerver, and it shows a large red heart with the horns of a bull, which contains various concepts of the festivities of Sant Jaume (music, bullfighting, bullring, clubs, barriers ...); uniting in this way the popular festive elements with the emotional.

The Mayor, José Ramiro, took the opportunity to emphasize that measures such as the disappearance of the institutional council of the City Council with the new corporation, or the increase in collection during the holidays (which has passed from 19.000 to the current 45.000 euros), among other measures driven by the current corporation, they allow carrying out the large number of acts and new activities that are held in Sant Jaume.

The presentation of the festival program of Sant Jaume 2018 was attended by the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro; the Councilwoman of Festivities and Traditions, M.ª Carmen Velázquez; the Councilor for Culture and Equality, Raquel Mengual; the delegate Councilor of SINMA, Francesc Giner; the representative of the Commission of Bulls of Ondara, Javi Gómez; the designer of the cover of the book, Mª del Mar Puigcerver; the representatives of the Comissió de Sant Jaume, Sandra Pérez and Helena Pérez; the representatives of the Quintà 2018 Els Pregonats, Sheida Castro and Neus Ibáñez; the organizer of the Nit de Rock, Toni Miralles; and representatives of some of the musical groups that will perform at this year's parties; from smoking Souls Josep Bolufer and Carles Caselles have participated; and the local group mistime, Pau Soler and Jovi Fernández.

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