From the 19 to the 27 of July will take place the Fiestas de Sant Jaume 2019 in Ondara

11 July 2019 - 14: 09

Ondara will live its Popular Festivals of Sant Jaume from the 19 to the 27 of July of 2019. Some celebrations organized by the Department of Festivals and Traditions of the City of Ondara that have been presented this morning at City Hall in a participatory press conference; act that has had the presence of the new Councilman of Festivities and Traditions, Miguel Gomis, and the outgoing Councilor of Fiestas, M.ª Carmen Velázquez; the Councilor for Culture and Equality, Raquel Mengual; the Councilor delegate of SINMA, Francesc Giner; the representative of the Commission of Bulls of Ondara, Javi Gómez; the designer of the cover of the book, the local painter Rosa GAVILA; the representative of the Comissió de Sant Jaume, Sandra Pérez; the representatives of the Quintà 2019 "Els Ajocats", Ángela Olivares and Sol Olbrich; the coordinator of the Nit de Rock, Toni Miralles, and Sergi Vidal, member of the group Reacció, who plays at the Nit de Rock.

The Fiestas de Sant Jaume 2019 have been organized with the collaboration of the Sant Jaume Commission (in which clubs and clubs are represented) and the Bous Commission (which has managed, again and for the fourth consecutive year, the program of bullfighting events). Ondara City Council wanted to thank the work done by the Commission of Sant Jaume, the Commission of Bulls, and 2019 Fifth in the organization of the celebrations, so that Ondara have a decent holidays and for the enjoyment of the public of all ages; as well as the contribution of all companies that collaborate advertising or sponsor events of the festivities. This year the parties have 82 clubs registered; all a record of participation, and that suppose 3 more than last year.

The Councilor M. Carmen Velázquez has presented the new Councilman of Festivals and Traditions, Miguel Gomis, who has indicated that due to the electoral situation this year, the program was almost completed in its incorporation, and wanted to thank Mari Carmen Velázquez for the effort made, advancing that the innovations, in any case, will be from 2020, being this Sant Jaume program of continuity with respect to the last editions.

Sant Jaume 2019 cover

The new cover image of Sant Jaume 2019 has been created by the local painter Rosa Gavilà, and it contains concepts of the parties related to the Bous amb carretons; one of the most successful children's activities in recent editions; thus, we see a girl and a boy participating in this activity, together with a bou in carreton. Rosa Gavilà (1943) is a ondarenca painter who, after living in France, where she deepened in the art world, has taught painting classes in the town and has dedicated herself to the restoration of art. Ondara City Council has entrusted the creation of this artistic cover for the festivities of Sant Jaume, something she has thanked today, saying that for her it has been very important, and that she feels very excited to have been able to collaborate in her town in a tradition like this.

The contest of decolamiento of gambling dens and the show for majors returns

In the Sant Jaume 2019 Popular Festivals, the celebration of the gambling booth competition will be promoted, for the second time and after the success of the first edition, as an incentive for the clubs and quintadas to improve the exterior image of their venues and the make more attractive. To achieve greater involvement, there will be cash prizes for the 3 best-dressed gambling den (300, 200 and 100 euros, for the first, second and third place).

The musical show for older people (novelty of the 2018 parties) is again present this year, which will be held on Friday 26 July night in the street Sant Jaume, with the performance of the magician Charly, M. José Santacreu and Sonia Armela (there will be chairs).

New edition of the Sopar del Germanor, the sliding tracks and the Grand Prix

At the Fiestas de Sant Jaume 2019 the Sopar de Germanor per a la Gent Gran will be held again, which on this occasion will be aimed at the elderly, and will take place on Monday 22 in July starting at 22 hours on Avenida Doctor Fleming. It will feature the performance of the Somnis Duo. Until the 18 in July, the menu can be booked at the Casa de Cultura; You can also bring your own dinner, but in any case you need to sign up.

One of the novelties of the last two editions that given its success will be repeated, will be the sliding tracks. On this occasion, two tracks will be installed; one of 90 meters, and another of 30 meters for the smallest. They will be installed on Thursday 25 of July, Day of Sant Jaume, in the morning in the Bajada de la Purísima, to provide more entertainment to the traditional Day of the Quintadas (participants must bring a float or inflatable mattress).

Also the Grand Prix started in 2017 for clubs and quintadas will have continuity this year, and will be held on Sunday 21 of July at night. The representative of the Commission of Sant Jaume, Sandra Perez, explained that it is an act aimed at older than 16 years, and that it will reward the best costume and the best time. The inscriptions can be made in the House of Culture and also in the web of Sant Jaume.

Musicals: Rock & Moll, Nit del Rock and verbenas

Again, and after having been celebrated with great success since 2016, in this edition of the popular festivities 2019 is once again committed to offering concerts at the Moll del Prado, on seven days of the holidays, prior to the popular dinners (all are at 20: 30 hours), as reported by the Councilor for Culture, Raquel Mengual. Rock & Moll concerts will feature performances by Tòxic (Saturday 20 July), La Mocha (Sunday 21 July), Dirty Fingers (Monday 22 July), La Surrender (Wednesday 24 July), Loli Pop (Thursday 25 July), You Rock Band (Friday 26 July), and Perversió (Saturday 27 July). It is a varied music style, with groups from the region, and that is aimed at all audiences. Raquel Mengual wanted to thank all the collaborators who make possible the celebration of Rock & Moll.

The Nit del Rock of Sant Jaume 2019 will be on Friday 26 in July starting at 00: 00 hours, and will take as its location the parking of Nacions Sense Estat street. It will be starring, as Toni Miralles has advanced, for “El last ke zierre” (historical Valencian punk rock group that was formed at 1987 in Burriana); “Reacció” (Pego group that mixes ska, reagge, folk rock and punk), and DJPlan-B (one of the most active DJs on the Valencian scene). Sergi Vidal, member of the Reacció group, highlighted the pleasure of acting at the Nit de Rock de Sant Jaume; being a group that in April released its first album.

Also in the musical section, the festivals of Sant Jaume 2019 will be carried out by "Titànic" on Friday 19 of July (after the opening speech); on Saturday 20 of July will act No Comment (Sant Jaume street); Tuesday 23, paellas day (there will be paella contest at night), will act "Limit" (in El Prado); Thursday 25 of July, day of Sant Jaume, will be the turn of the Seven Crashers orchestra (Sant Jaume street); and the 27 of July, last Saturday of holidays, will play "La Tribu" (Sant Jaume street).

And two mobile discs will be offered in the Ronda Generalitat; the Holy Party party on Sunday 21 of July with Dj's Alex Femenia and DJ Montana (after the Grand Prix), and on Wednesday 24 of July with local DJs Borja Ginestar, VZSZ and Rose.

Children's activities and Bous amb carretons

In the festive program, activities aimed at the children and family audience stand out. In this section there are several initiatives that will be carried out every day in the morning, in the surroundings of the Prado: on Saturday 20 in July, children's water park; 21 Sunday, biker games and ribbon race (with mandatory helmet for minors); Monday 22, bous amb carretons; Tuesday 23, water games in the municipal pool with free admission; Wednesday 24, Aquajocs in the Prado; Thursday 25 (Day of Sant Jaume), two super sliding tracks; Friday 26, children's games with the collaboration of the Júniors MD; and Saturday 27 of July, water playground. In this way, activity is provided every morning during the week of Sant Jaume festivities. There will also be a healthy leisure workshop with the collaboration of the Red Cross on Friday 26 in July at 19 hours, in the Prado. And on Sunday 21 in July there will be a children's theater, with the play "Goblins" in the Prado.

Also addressed to the youngest are the Bous in carretons that will be held for several days, managed by the Bull Commission. There will be three performances of bous in carretons: on Saturday 20 in July at 19: 15 hours; Monday 22 of July at 12 hours; and 27 Saturday of July at 19: 15 hours. In addition, the "Entrà de bous gegants per a la gente petuda" will be repeated on Wednesday 24 of July at the 19: 15 hours, with a fun entrance of giant inflatable bulls from the Plaça de les Escoles. Mari Carmen Velázquez stressed that both the carts and the inflatable bous will leave from the Plaça de Les Escoles, for the enjoyment of the elderly in the Residence.

Bullfighting Program

As it is already traditional in the Popular Festivals of Sant Jaume, the bullfighting acts will be one of the main centers of attention of the programming. The program is organized by the Comissió de Bous, keeping the acts that work best. According to the representative of the Comissió de Bous, Javi Gómez, there will be bulls and loose heifers every day at the Plaza de Toros (during the afternoon and evening); trimming contest on Sunday 21 of July; jònecs the day of Sant Jaume (so that all older people of 16 can participate); display of four bull tickets on Wednesday 24; and in addition, there will be entrance and exit of bulls from the square on five occasions (Saturday 20, Wednesday 24, Thursday 25, Friday 26, and Saturday 27) at night.

Party Games in the Municipal Trinquet

In the sporting section, highlights will be the professional games of pilota valenciana d'escala i corda in the Trinquet Municipal de Ondara for Saturday 20 (Marc and Salva against Giner, Jesús and Conillet), Friday 26, and Saturday 27 in July , besides the games of raspall de peñas of the Pilota Tournament of Sant Jaume 2019. The professional scale games will be held at the 18: 30 hours. On Friday 26 in July, after the final of the local tournament, the party of parties (with free admission) will be offered between De la Vega and Santi against José Salvador i Javi.

Equality in the Festivities of Sant Jaume

The Councilor for Equality, Raquel Mengual, has advanced that during the festivities a campaign against sexist aggressions will be carried out with the aim of preventing and sensitizing the citizens. For this, violet fans will be distributed with messages for the promotion of equality and against sexist violence, and a campaign will be carried out on the napkins of the bars, and distribution of leaflets. At parties, "Violet Points" will be installed, and this year the "accompaniment" will be launched as a novelty for those women who want to come home accompanied. Raquel Mengual has announced that on Tuesday 16 of July at 19 hours a meeting of the Equality Commission will be held at the House of Culture for those interested in volunteering this holiday, and has encouraged the participation of citizens.

SINMA campaign during the holidays

The delegate Councilor of SINMA, Francesc Giner, has announced the actions that will be carried out from SINMA (municipal company in charge of waste collection) in Sant Jaume. The intention that is pursued from the municipal companies is to make visible, in these dates of the popular festivities, aspects such as sustainability, the esteem to the environment and the promotion of recycling, and for these reasons, it will improve the provision of containers in some of the spaces and their signage; Each zone of clubs will have a full complement of air containers (organic, glass, plastic and packaging, paper and cardboard). Your location will be properly marked. Francesc Giner has indicated that this campaign gave good results last year, and in fact, it was possible to reduce the waste volume by 7%.

Sale of Sant Jaume products

The "merchandising" elements of the Sant Jaume 2019 festivities are already on sale at the Casa de Cultura de Ondara. This year's pack will be t-shirt + sheet and the backpack will be a gift. It also includes the glass and the glass bracelet. Tickets can also be purchased at the Casa de Cultura for the trimmers contest (advance 6 euros, at the box office 8 euros). In addition, the registration period for the Sopar de Germanor per a la Gent Gran will be opened until the 18 in July (you can reserve the menu, or register and bring your own dinner).

Celebrations of Pamis

Miguel Gomis took the opportunity to anticipate that the weekend following the end of Sant Jaume, Friday 2 and Saturday 3 in August, will celebrate the festivities in Pamis with popular dinners, festivals, water playground, paella contest, party the foam, carts and jónecs.

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