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Of the 115 health workers with coronavirus in the Region, 21 belong to the Dénia Hospital

20 March 2020 - 09: 30

Yesterday morning, in the daily appearance of the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló, to give the last hour on the number of cases of coronavirus, noted that the number of health professionals who have tested positive, to date Wednesday at 20:115, it is XNUMX throughout the Valencian Community.

As this editorial has learned, of this number, a large part are toilets belonging to the Dénia Health Department. Specifically, of the 78 analytical tests carried out on the professionals of the Hospital de Dénia, the number of positive cases is 21, of which 9 are doctors and the other supervisors and nurses.

A volume of infected that sets off the alarm in the region since it represents a high number with respect to all autonomy.

A deceased by coronavirus in Dénia

A young man, a foreigner but a neighbor of Dénia, passed away yesterday at the Dénia Hospital. It is the first victim of the coronavirus in the Marina Alta. The 36-year-old man was a carrier and had apparently been traveling to different European cities in recent weeks.

Lack of sanitary material

Another drawback of this pandemic is the lack of sanitary protection material required by hospitals and health centers. From several Spanish cities, the health personnel themselves are demanding masks, gloves and suits.

In Dénia, in addition to the request for FFP2 masks that they request from the public, we have been able to know that they do not have the FFP3 either.

  1. Aloys Kolbeck says:


    The translation of the word "sanitary" in the context of corona is not toilte in English or Toilette in German.
    Better Infizierte (infected) in German, or infected People in English. Other languages ​​ne se.

    Aloys Kolbeck

  2. Erich Schreiner says:

    Wann ermittelt die Staatsanwaltschaft gegen das Hospital de Denia wegen der Infizierung mit dem Coronavirus von 21 Angestellten darunter 9 Ärzten.
    It ist ein Skanal!

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