DBC Suma Nacional will continue fighting for the pass to the promotion play-offs of the EBA League

20 March 2023 - 11: 37

El Dénia Basketball Senior Men 1 Nacional managed to carry out this day's match in Benidorm with a final score of 69-84, making one of their most complete games of the season and staying in the fight to enter the qualifying rounds for promotion to the EBA League.

Despite the strength of the locals, who had lost only one game at home all season, and the confirmed casualties of the Dianenses, as well as the inconvenience with which some members of the Dénia Básquet squad had to play, the team managed to achieve great performance.

The game began with a high rhythm of play that Benidorm accepted, registering a high score in the first quarter (21-24) that had no clear dominance. Although the foreign success of the locals prevented Dénia from opening the distance in the second period, their defense and dominance in the inside game began to weigh more in the game, and they achieved a six-point lead at halftime (36-42 ).

After the break came the best minutes of the match for DBC SUMA. The speed with which they continued to play, supported by mastery of the rebound, was added to their great effectiveness in attack. In addition, his defense anticipated everything and did not allow free shots. In this way, they managed to enjoy a maximum income of twenty points that gave them confidence.

In the last period, Benidorm tried to come back by raising its defensive lines, managing to get below the psychological barrier of ten points with just over three minutes to go. However, the Dianenses remained calm and managed to overcome the most overwhelming moments, to regain control of the situation and close the game without suffering.

All the available players had a good performance, with a rotation in which three junior players took part again, each time more integrated into the day-to-day life of the team.

In this way, the victory moved DBC Suma Nacional away from the only direct relegation place almost definitively, and provided a cushion of four and two games, respectively, with whom they would play the permanence play-off today.

With five days to go in this first phase, it seems that Dénia Básquet managed to get into a group of six teams with which it will presumably fight to finish in the fifth to eighth places in the final classification, which grant the pass to the play-off for promotion to EBA, or in the ninth and tenth that would mean maintaining the category ending the season.

Except for La Vila in the upper part, no one has yet anything mathematically assured in one of the most even years that this category has seen in a long time.

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