DBC SUMA 1 Nacional is defeated by Vila, group leader of the category

January 24 from 2023 - 17: 23

The SUMA 1 Nacional team of the Dénia Basketball Club was defeated in their visit to La Vila with a final score of 77-55. This is the leader of Group B in the category, against whom the match that closed the first round of the regular season was played.

The first two quarters were completely equal. Both teams made many mistakes as a result of the intensity with which they defended. Balance reigned in the zones, which made it very difficult to foresee what might happen after the break, which was reached with the hosts' minimal advantage (32-29).

The locals raised their defensive lines in the third period and generated doubts in the circulation of the ball of those from Dénia. They knew how to take advantage of the losses to open a gap on the scoreboard that would be definitive, to which the poor percentages in attack in those minutes also contributed.

Eduardo Clavero and Pascual Miralles managed to get the team back into the game in the last period, but the rival was not going to make any more concessions, certifying their victory to consolidate themselves as first classified in the group comfortably at the end of the first round of the competition .

Next week the team will face a difficult move to Onil, a team in a clear ascendant line. The league is tremendously even. Each game can be decisive for its outcome, making anyone go up or down steps in the classification abruptly, given the small difference in points between practically all participating teams.

DBC Senior Female Preferred

For its part, the DBC Senior Women's Preferred team finally began its participation in the second phase of the season, and it did so by beating CB Tavernes in Joan Fuster in an even match that was only resolved in its closing stages (49-35). .

They came out very focused on defense and managed to force many errors on their rivals. Thus, they were able to make quick transitions that allowed them to open up an important distance on the scoreboard at the end of the first quarter (21-8).

But from the second, the Valencians showed their true potential. They managed to get out of the pressure and greatly improved their percentages, to gradually reduce the differences until leaving them at only three points when reaching the break (26-23).

The same script was repeated during the third period, with equality as the predominant note and both teams focused on defense to limit their rival's options. Thus, the last ten minutes of the match were reached with swords held high and everything to be decided (35-30).

At that climactic moment, those from Dénia had clearer ideas than their rivals, managing to impose their rhythm of play, thus ensuring victory in a complicated match. In the last bars the difference even grew more, giving a final result that does not correspond at all with what was experienced on the field of play throughout the forty minutes.

those of Juan Luis Pérez They will visit the Verger field next week, a rival against whom they will try to continue gaining momentum after a long hiatus of a month without having been able to compete.

DBC Senior Male Preferred

Finally, DBC Senior Masculino Preferente was clearly surpassed by Horadada, one of the most solid teams that have passed through Joan Fuster's pavilion so far this season (58-102).

The options to be able to compete against this rival were to be consistent in the defensive facet, not letting them play easily near the basket. They could not comply with that premise and they paid dearly against a powerful team that more than justified the reason for their good results.

Despite the different defensive approaches proposed from the bench by Carlos Vila, the visitors did not find any opposition, being able to both score from distance when those from Dénia better protected the area and close to the basket after winning the back.

Despite everything, they had moments of lucidity both in attack and defense that, if nothing else, encouraged them to keep their heads up until the final horn was blown.

Next week the second round of the league will start, which they will face with more knowledge of the facts, now knowing the level of the contenders. The visit of Elche BC to Joan Fuster should mark for the Dianenses the necessary return to the good dynamics that will return them to the temperate zone of the classification.

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