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«Give the can to your mother» campaign for Mother's Day in Portal de la Marina

28 2014 April - 14: 58

Next Sunday 4 of May is celebrated Mother's Day and Portal de la Marina has launched a special campaign to help the children to find the perfect gift: a can!

He gave the motto "Give the can to your mother" Porta de la Marina distributes cans-pot with petunia seeds inside so that you can give it to your mother.

Lara-planter Portal de la Marina for Mother's Day

How to get the gift

If you want one of the flowers cans distributed by Portal de la Marina you only have to submit a purchase ticket higher than 20 € in the Information point of the shopping center.

In addition, promotion is also developed in Social Networks. Through the Mall Facebook page You can win one of the cans-planter throughout the week are going to raffle.

Give your mother nag, promote marine portal

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