CYNOS Veterinary Clinic attends by appointment and complying with all the protocol for veterinary centers

23 March 2020 - 07: 12

Are you aware that your pet has a problem and you don't want to see it suffer? Despite the health alert we are in, you can count on the services of CYNOS Veterinary Clinic. They explain everything you need to know to use their facilities at these difficult times:

With these simple recommendations, veterinary care for your pet will be safe for everyone. And do not worry, it will improve and you will have peace of mind. Also, CYNOS Veterinary Clinic He also wants to offer advice to people, so that together we can get out of this situation as soon as possible and return to normality much better as a society. Do you want to know what is the correct way to wash your hands? This is the main hygiene measure to avoid getting COVID-19:

And to give you an idea when it comes to sanitizing surfaces, this is the time that the virus survives on plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, wood, steel or on the gloves themselves:

CYNOS Veterinary Clinic accompanies you and your pet to take care of it and take care of it, they are on Calle Diana 66. Call them at 966424455 and answer your questions.

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