Cyber ​​Arena donates tablets to the Santa Llúcia Nursing Home

May 20 from 2020 - 11: 03

From Cyber ​​Arena They have long wanted to collaborate with the serious situation that society in general is going through. Therefore, they have donated several tablets to the Nursing Home: they had contact with center workers and saw that they would be very useful, not only during the state of alarm, but that they will continue to be useful in the medium and long term.

Cyber ​​Arena attributes the merit of the donation to its customers, since, with each purchase, they have made it possible for a part to be used for social actions. They consider themselves only intermediaries and are grateful to help and to make the Santa Llúcia Residence better technologically.

One thing to note: Cyber ​​Arena will teach a class on technology at the Residence when it passes quarantine, and also to family members at its premises. And as soon as we return to normality, they will continue to give free classes to those over 60 years old, as they have done for a year.

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