Afternoon courses, alternate days and without lockers: this will be the next course in Dénia

August 01 from 2020 - 00: 45

The Councilors for Education, Melani Ivars, and Health, Cristina Morera, They held a telematic meeting today with representatives of the educational community and the health area of ​​Dénia to address the start of the next academic year 2020/2021.

The organization of the centers is very advanced, since they have worked these weeks on the relocation of spaces, the establishment of entry and exit protocols and other organizational measures that guarantee the incorporation of students into classrooms with all the safety and hygiene measures that establishes the regulations and aware that we live in a changing situation and must adapt to the health requirements of each moment.

The IES Historiador Chabás will teach all the levels in person after a reorganization of the spaces that will allow it to house students with the appropriate distance and protection measures. The training cycles change their schedule and will be taught in the afternoon.

The start of the course in this center is accompanied by good news, as Councilor Melani Ivars has commented, since the Ministry of Education has approved the implementation for the 2020/2021 course of the Higher Cycle of Marketing and Advertising, as well as the opening of another unit of the Cycle of Computing.

As for the Sorts de la Mar and Maria Ibars institutes, courses such as 1st and 2nd ESO, 2nd Bachelor and basic vocational training will be face-to-face and the rest of the students will attend, in principle, on alternate days . The Higher Cycle of Kitchen Management, established in Dénia in the course that is going to start, is based at the CdT, facilities with enough space for students to attend classes in person.

As a prevention measure, the three centers will prevent the use of the lockers.

The concerted schools that also teach the secondary education cycle will teach the classes in person, although the circumstances may vary depending on the health context.

Infant and primary students will attend class in person, respecting the number of students per classroom set by the health authorities. The boys and girls will meet in the so-called “bubble groups”, groups with a stable and limited number of members who will not interact with the rest of the school's students to avoid possible infections. In addition, the Ministry has authorized that the dining room service for these courses can be provided in the classrooms, to avoid travel around the center and contact with third parties.

Regarding the cleaning of public primary schools, which is in charge of the Dénia City Council, the councilor Melani Ivars has indicated that the city council is going to process a 10% increase in the contract so that each school has a person of cleaning also in the morning that reinforces the usual cleaning service of the centers that is done in the afternoon.

In the case of institutes, the Department of Education, responsible for the service, has also reinforced cleaning tasks.

During the meeting, the heads of the city's educational centers expressed their doubts and concerns to the health professionals and managers regarding the implementation of sanitary measures such as taking the temperature of the students or the protocol to follow when a schoolchild has symptoms. In the latter case, special emphasis has been placed on the importance of fluid communication between the centers and the parents of the students, and the responsibility of families has been appealed to avoid taking their children to school if they present any symptoms. , slight as it may seem.

Regarding the health regulations that must be observed when returning to the classrooms, the educational centers are waiting for the Ministry of Health to send the final instructions. Therefore, those attending the meeting today have agreed to convene a new meeting in the first days of September to finish off this set-up for the start of the course in Dénia.

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