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Cuidem dels xiquets, the new online humanization initiative for pediatric patients from the Dénia Health Department

May 07 from 2020 - 11: 25

"Take care of us Xiquets”Is a new online initiative of the Department of Health of Dénia -DSD- aimed at pediatric patients. The project, launched in the Pediatrics Service, within the cuidArt program, aims to address the emotional aspect of the youngest, both hospitalized and those who are at home, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interventions carried out in "Cuidem dels Xiquets" constitute a fundamental piece within the comprehensive, physical and emotional care of children. The activities offered range from a music library, assistance with Expressive Psychotherapy or Music Therapy, entertainment by the Clown group and prenatal singing sessions for pregnant women.

Musical toy library

In these workshops, musical awareness is worked through movement and listening. For this, puppets, small percussion instruments, bells or soap bubbles are used in order to enhance the child's expression.

The initiative, carried out by Henar Delgado, is possible, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed between the Hospital and the Musical Artistic Association of Dénia.

Expressive Psychotherapy Assistance

This type of assistance consists of detecting the child's emotional situation, using sound stimulation techniques and plastic expression. The objective is the early detection of unconscious emotional situations caused by adaptation to the action plan against the Covid-19.

The technique has been applied by Alicia Costa for several years, in person, in the Pediatric Service and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit of the DSD with very positive results in improving the emotional quality of life of professionals, children and parents .

Music Therapy

The music therapy launched by the project "Cuidem dels Xiquets" aims to serve as emotional support and uses music to promote communication and family ties.

The sessions are individual and adapted to the needs and circumstances of each family. The service, which is provided through different digital platforms, offers sound material, such as improvisations or songs composed in a personalized way.

Prenatal singing

The objective of Prenatal Singing is to discover the benefits of one's voice in communication and bonding with the baby.

On a physical level, it helps improve mom's posture and correct breathing, promoting body awareness and toning the muscles. The baby perceives the voice of his mother from the first weeks of gestation as a vibration and, later, as a sound that he memorizes, envelops and comforts him.

Due to the situation caused by Covid 19, the workshops continue to be carried out on the Skype platform. Two weekly sessions are currently being held with the pregnant women of Dénia and Benissa.

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