Take care of your pet through special vaccination campaign Veterinary Clinic El Saladar

February 15 from 2016 - 11: 48

En Veterinary Clinic El Saladar They have started a new campaign to prevent rabies and raise awareness about the insertion of the microchip. And, it is of vital importance to take care of our pet and protect it.

Aware of this, El Saladar Veterinary Clinic has an 20% discount available. This special offer includes vaccination against rabies, insertion of the microchip and issuance of the passport.

Vaccination and deworming are by law compulsory for some years, for all dogs over 4 months of age. As well as the identification and issuance of the passport.

Microchip Campaign Saladar Veterinary Clinic

The installation of the microchip is practically painless, it has attached a number that is only visible with a specialized reader, and in it, the data of the owner and the animal are recorded in the RIVIA (Valencian Computer Registry of Animal Identification).

It is important to become aware of these practices, since it is not only beneficial to the animal, but for all family members living with him. Trust in Veterinary Clinic El Saladar and visit them in Paseo del Saladar, 62.

Veterinary Clinic El Saladar

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