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Four sanctioned on Sunday in Dénia from other provinces

May 25 from 2020 - 12: 50

Despite the relief of restrictions that are being reached during the de-escalation, there are still multiple complaints daily for non-compliance with the decree of the state of alarm.

During the last day, the Local Police and the National Police in Dénia opened 22 acts of complaint for violating these new regulations. The most common these days are penalties for not keeping the safety distance and not wearing a mask despite the fact that its use has been compulsory for a few days. However, the already common ones are repeated when moving within a tourism without being from the same address or not complying with the time slots for walks or practicing sport.

In addition, yesterday the Local Police filed 4 complaints to people residing in other provinces for moving to Dénia. On some of these occasions, the sanctioned alleged that they believed that it was already possible to circulate throughout the community, although it was not yet allowed.

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