When and where is the use of a mask mandatory?

May 20 from 2020 - 09: 27

The Government of Spain has published this Wednesday in the Official State Gazette the order that will force the use of masks to the majority of people in a large part of public places.

Since the pandemic started, the mask has always been considered as a fundamental PPE to slow its progress. However, its use was not considered more than a recommendation, except for a few days on public transport, until now.

The BOE already contemplates the mandatory use of this equipment from next Thursday, May 21. This rule will affect those over 6 years old, although it will continue to be recommended for the child population (under this age). There are also exceptions for those who have some respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of a mask or when it is contraindicated for health reasons.

Its use will be necessary on public roads, in open air places or in those interior spaces closed for public use or open to the public, provided that the interpersonal safety distance of 2 meters cannot be ensured.

However, due to incompatibility, it will not be required in places intended for the consumption of drinks or food, such as bars and restaurants.

What type of mask will be required?

Certainly, although we know that there are masks that protect more from the coronavirus than others, some being useless for absolutely nothing, any model will be accepted within the new regulations. Regardless of the type of mask used, citizens will be required to equip themselves with it.

Of course, the Government recommends the preferential use of surgical or hygienic, covering both the mouth and the nose.

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  1. Joselito says:

    It is good that in Dénia it is not mandatory, because I see many people who do not wear it.

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