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Red Cross seeks volunteers Dénia for social projects

29 2016 April - 16: 00

The work carried out by the Local Assembly of the Red Cross in Dénia is undeniable. Through their numerous social assistance programs they reach segments of society that really need your support to get ahead or to carry out daily activities.

007 - 3ª Solidarity March in Favor of the EEC Raquel Payà - Red Cross

But for all that to be effective, it is essential to the work of volunteers who tells the assembly. To continue their work, made an appeal to attract new volunteers who sena lawyers, psychologists, social workers, animators, facilitators and monitors work leisure time, among other profiles, to develop social projects.

If you are interested in collaborating with the work of the Red Cross Dénia, you can request more information at the Dénia assembly, on Castell d'Olimbroi street, from where they coordinate all their projects, or by calling 965 78 13 58.

Cruz Roja Dénia currently has about 200 volunteers, forming an extensive network of human solidarity always ready to help people who need it most.

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