Timeline of the 5º March of Solidarity in favor of Raquel Payá: this is the schedule

05 2018 April - 07: 41

Next Sunday we will meet, many of us, in one of the most important meetings of the year. The 5º edition of the Solidarity March Dénia.com in favor of the special education school Raquel Payá in which it will be an intense morning full of emotions and solidarity.

The day will begin at 8: 00 in the morning, with the distribution of numbers of those registered in the test who do not have theirs yet. Runners and walkers who participate and have registered in a way online they can pick up, until the 9: 00 in the morning, your participation number in the tables that will be installed at the intersection of Diana street with Marqués de Campo.

In that same time slot, from 8: 00 to 9: 00, runners who have not registered can register and pick up your bib.

On the other hand, those who already have their bib number because they have picked it up by signing up Cyber ​​Arena, they must be in the same crossing from the 9: 30 hours to prepare for the start of the race, whose Exit is scheduled at 10: 00 in the morning.

At the end of the arrival of participants, around the 11: 00 in the morning, we will proceed to the delivery of prizes that we will raffle among the participants in both modalities.

Course of the test

The departure will be at 10: 00 in the morning at C / Marques de Campo, in the section closest to Glorieta, Address c / Diana, we climb ac / La Mar, right tunnel looking castle out of the tunnel from the castle to left. Round walls, using the width of the sidewalk bike, left lane. Av, Cid, der. c / San Narcis, left. c / San Cristobal, der. c / Olivera, left. c / Loreto, pl. Constitution, der. c / Cop, bower Country Valencia, der, skirted square, we climbed c / Ramon y Cajal, ac / cavallers, left c / major, Valgamedios square, Izq. c / Estrella, izq. c / Moncada, c / Historiador Palau, c / Colón, c / Diana, c / La Via, c / Calderón, A. Bastarreche square, izq. c / Marques de Campo, until the META, ending the solidarity walkers and this same circuit will run twice the runners who will make a total of 6.7km.

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