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Avenida de Valencia, 48 before the first roundabout exit. See map
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Construction / DIY, Home

In Dénia Glassware we are professionals of all types of glass. Come to us to fix a window, repair any mirror, door, table ... We work general glazing, camera glass, security, tempered glass, stepped glass ...

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We offer all kinds of crystals decor: leaded windows, Tifany, fusing ... Bathroom, kitchen, walls, railing ... all in glass.

Sliding doors, folding, shower screens, roof glazing or furniture in glass.

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Avenida de Valencia, 48 before the first roundabout exit. -
  1. Colin Puttick says:

    I called this morning but I only speak a little Spanish!
    I have built a timber pergola with a roof area approximately 8 square meters originally intended to fit polycarbonate but would prefer glass. We are located in Murla 03792 and would like to know if someone can call and discuss the options.
    I could send you photos by Whatsapp if you can provide a contact number.
    Many thanks
    Colin Puttick
    Tel: (+625) 853 608 XNUMX

  2. stephen says:

    hello Bon día possible stove crystal. 62×37.5 4mm also 33×11 4mm price 643041512

  3. tony says:

    I have a typical shelving unit and I would like to add doors that occupy two of the 4 shelves... that can be done in a material that is not glass, such as methacrylate or similar. so transparent ??????

  4. Angela says:

    Is there email to establish a contact?

  5. Pamela Cook says:

    We need to replace a glass dining table with black tempered glass. Is this something you can provide.

  6. Mike Johnstone says:

    Buenos dias.
    Will you please cancel the appointment for 20th July at 23, Carrer de Balandre. Our gardener says he has carried out.
    Sorry and Thank you.
    Please confirm cancellation.

  7. Vicente apiary escriva says:

    Medirijo hello to you to know if placed outdoor glass ceilings with pvc profiles on walls already finished, if the fuse positive reply I would go to talk to you. crats

  8. Ruben Miguel says:

    Hello good day,
    I'm a new neighbor of Denia who just bought an apartment on the beach, I would like to see please recommendation I can offer to put a shower screen. If I provide an email address I can send picture.
    As you can see has, since the short window to shower (Award for that design) casuistry somewhat rare and therefore is not a standard solution.
    Could you please direct me to the alternatives that could have a budget for it.
    If you need more information, they tell me.
    Thanks and regards.

  9. MARTYN JONES says:

    How nice.

  10. luisa fluixa says:

    preciousness that mirror! I would love to have him in my exhibition of costumes queen!