Coronavirus positives grow in Marina Alta on worst summer weekend

August 04 from 2020 - 11: 10

The Marina Alta, which, being reasonable, is one of the areas with the lowest incidence of COVID-19, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, is now facing its worst situation in terms of coronavirus infections.

Sanitat has reported that during the last three days up to 5 new positives have been detected in the Dénia Health Department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends. One of them corresponds to a neighbor of Dénia, who supposedly is the one detected among the municipal residence staff, another from Benitatxell, another from Teulada and two from Calp.

In total, the Marina Alta has registered 206 coronavirus positives since the pandemic arrived, which has caused 19 deaths, the last one in April.

  1. Juan Antonio says:

    There should be much more control over the people who visit us from other communities, and we already know what it is. Hopefully from 15 we will be calmer. Many of us don't go out on weekends anymore.

  2. Joseph says:

    Such madness to allow tourists to come to Denia !!! They should lock us up again for months until people understand that the deadly virus is on the prowl and will not stop until they kill everyone who gets in their way and kills the human species as official statistics show. 19 misfortunes in the region with a population of 200 registered inhabitants, a simple rule of three to verify the exaggerated mortality of the virus that makes every measure little. The only thing is very important if we are locked up in our houses, that the tobacconists are still open by law in the state of alarm as the last time so that we can smoke inside our homes with our children and adults swallowing our healthy smoke in this deadly pandemic of the respiratory virus.

  3. Alfonso says:

    Well nothing ... Long live Tourism! And the red shrimp… ..

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