Creama will offer free English courses for the unemployed

26 October 2019 - 00: 26

Creama-Dénia will teach, from the first half of November, free English courses of level A-1 and A-2 for unemployed people. This training action is subsidized by Labora, the regional employment and training service, and in order to participate it is essential to be enrolled in Labora and have requested English courses in the training demand.

Image: Poster of Creama's English courses

Each of the two courses has a duration of 190 hours and 15 places offered.

Creama Dénia obtained its accreditation as a training center for Labora at the levels of English A-1, A-2, B-1 and B-2 at 2016 and it was this year when it has obtained the first grant of the regional service to deliver these courses.

It should be remembered that so far, Creama Dénia had offered courses and workshops in English thanks to the collaboration of resident volunteers who taught the sessions.

In this phase, people who did not have any previous English knowledge did not enter. Now, with the new courses that Labora subsidizes, Creama Dénia can offer the most basic levels of English, A-1 and A-2, and give people who do not have prior knowledge the opportunity to start in the language.

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