La Cova del Gamell de Dénia: location and curiosities

May 24 from 2020 - 10: 07

Is the Cova del Gamell, not from Camell ("camel" in Valencian), as it is often called the wrong way. Its name is due to gamelló, Valencian word that refers to the object that serves to feed goats and sheep.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.


El Institut Cartogràfic Valencià has drawn up this map of the routes of all the Montgó caves. Marked in blue, the route to Cova del Gamell.

How to get there

The route is the same as that of the Cova de l'Aigua: from the urban area of ​​Dénia, we take the Path Pou de la Muntanya, and then the Camí de la Colònia but also Ermita del Pare Pere. There, we start the PR-CV 152 trail, which takes us again along the Camí de la Colònia. This path owes its name to the Colònia Agrícola del Montgó, which was an attempt at colonization that was carried out last century to reactivate the economy, but which did not come to fruition. La Cova del Gamell is at the end of this path.


It is oriented to the north and is a consequence of erosion. The curves and colors of the interior walls are striking.


Pulling the thread of his name, we find out that in the Cova del Gamell, the shepherds locked up their herds of goats and sheep. This is data taken from the book Els noms de lloc and person from Dénia, by Joan Ivars Cervera, deposited in the Dénia Municipal Archive.

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