"Cous Cous", the play that will allocate its benefits to the AMPA of the CPEE Raquel Payá de Dénia

Event Date: 08 January 2022
Event type: Theater
Site: Social Center of Dénia
Schedule: 20: 00 h
Home: 6 euros
Event finished

L'Escola de Teatre Comarcal Marina Alta presents play Cous Cous next January 8, 2022 at the Social Center of Dénia. The appointment time will be to the 20: 00 h and the donation will be 6 euros. The proceeds will go to the AMPA of the CPEE Raquel Payá.

The play is directed by Jordi Tamarit and will last approximately 1 hour. The Tickets will be available at the box office, although, it is possible to buy them in advance by calling 628 55 51 63.

The benefits that are collected from the initiative will be used to cover the expenses of the extracurricular activities that are carried out in the Raquel Payá center for all students during the central hours of the dining room.

Synopsis "CousCous"

«Manel is a sly and successful guy, who is about to become a father. His sister Clara organizes a dinner with childhood friends where Manel announces the name of his future son. Nobody likes the name. Saúl, Manel's brother-in-law, is the typical intellectual of the caviar left. As a result of the discussion on the name, new situations come to light, causing a dramatic chaos as well as fun.

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