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Costas will authorize Les Deveses to build a breakwater as a defense measure for homes

February 10 from 2020 - 14: 31

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, y los concejales de Territorio, M. Josep Ripoll, Beaches, Pep Doménech, y Transición Ecológica, Maite Pérez, se han reunido esta mañana con los responsables de Costas para abordar las medidas de protección y reparación que tienen que llevarse a cabo a la línea marítima después del temporary glory.

On behalf of the Autonomous Administration, the deputy general director of Puertos de la Generalitat, Pilar Álvarez, the subdelegate of the Government in Alicante, Araceli Poblador, and the head of the Coastal Provincial Service, Rosa de los Ríos, attended the meeting.

From Costas have reported that provisional preventive measures are already authorized in the Les area Deveses, one of the most affected by the storm, such as the placement of sandbags and the propping up of the affected houses. For the processing of home repair works, we will work in coordination with the City Council to grant the respective licenses as soon as possible. On the part of the City Council, the commitment is to streamline the concession and study the exemption of fees.

As for the permanent defense measures, Costas is committed to building an extended jetty, parallel to the coastline and attached to the homes and will authorize the execution by the Les Deveses neighborhood. To expedite the works, it is recommended that the owners group and present joint projects in order to process a single authorization. In addition, the neighbors and their experts can meet with the surveyors of Costas to specify the criteria that must be followed in the construction of the breakwater (stone, with a certain inclination towards the sea and, in the medium term, covered with sand and vegetation to integrate into the ecosystem)

Por parte de los representantes del Ayuntamiento, también se ha insistido en la necesidad de otorgar carácter de urgencia al proyecto de regeneración de Les Deveses y a las obras de reparación del paseo de Les ROtes. Así mismo, se ha solicitado una aportación de arena para la Marineta Beach Cassiana and permission, which will be presented shortly in writing to Costas, to use the posidonia in the regeneration of the dunes.

The mayor will hold a meeting tomorrow with the residents of Les Deveses to explain the indications of Costas.

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  1. Antonio says:

    And the solution to the continuous flooding on Cami del Llavador street, when?
    This street is flooded every time four drops fall, it is the most flooded in Denia.

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