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Continuing reports of the execution of the works Rotes-Montgó collector

18 2012 April - 00: 00

Neighbors, administration and political groups. Everyone agrees the great disaster that are transforming sewage works in the Montgo and evil to the concessionaire.

This is also seen in the CDL (former PSD) whose councilwoman, Mari Martínez, has announced that his group will ask the full paralyzation of the works "until we are presented with the guarantee that the works will be carried out correctly", besides denouncing it before the labor inspection.

And is that the works are reaching unimaginable points: neighbors are isolated for hours without notice, must climb mountains land to access their homes, not trenches are filled properly and the streets are in a sorry state and very dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

The group's president and municipal secretary, Sergio Benito, Which in turn is a civil engineer, claims that the company uses the same material to fill the digging trenches, something expressly forbidden by the project, besides not having enough staff -only two operarios- to carry out all work beginning at the same time and end up creating chaos and unrest among neighbors.

TDF has been shown upset with the attitude of the administration and those responsible, both the mayor and the councilor for urban planning, Pepa Font, because nobody is supervising the project for its correct execution.

Mari Martinez wanted to highlight the behavior "copy" of the affected neighbors, who are acting with admirable good sense facing a chaotic situation.

  1. Dr. Benito says:

    Ms. Lucia.:
    It seems that the City could itself do something when following the termination of CDL has been forced to wake up.

  2. Jaume says:

    What is happening in the environment of Montgó with the execution of these works will be remembered for decades by the vast botched and the destruction of the whole area.
    The municipality does not want to find out, but the town of Denia will not forget this attack on all affected neighbors and the entire road network that has cost so many years to maintain.
    People are really angry especially since the council does not act immediately issues and demanding responsibilities paralyzing the destructive enterprise.

  3. Toni says:

    It is assumed that if sewerage works in the Rotas and the Montgó the City Council will be making Denia. Therefore, it is responsible for things done well. If there is another council as Lucia (or body) that would be doing well we explain, for we have all the information and we take the blame to those concerned.

  4. Mario says:

    Well, of course, Dr. Lucia, the municipality can stop neglecting its functions and supervise the execution of the project so that the contract is fulfilled.
    You'd be worth a bit inform.

  5. Lucia says:

    This is Dr. Benito, the one who knows most about Dénia. Let's see, this guy knows legally what a municipality can do that is not the one that has hired the works ??????
    Well, of course, not what he says.
    He had better learn a little

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