Consume less and save more with Hermética window insulation

15 October 2020 - 08: 00

Windows are the main source of heat and cold from outside. ⁣⁣ Are yours old or do you think the heating is leaking from them? In Hermetic help you fix it. Don't let winter catch you without foresight!

If you want to change the windows, the double glazed windows with a wooden or PVC frame, and a frame with thermal break, they ensure insulation.

The advantages of double and triple glazing

As we have said, double or triple glass ensures the both thermal and acoustic insulation, because the barrier between your house and the outside is thicker. It also provides more security, because crystals of this type are more difficult to break. The most attractive advantage is the economic savings, because the energy bill goes down. In addition, having good insulation is one of the measures to avoid condensation, that is, the formation of droplets on the glass, and therefore of humidity inside the house.

If you want to reduce your heating consumption and save, think about insulating your windows. Ask for more information at 608 227 585 ⁣or stop by Hermética on Calle Ramón y Cajal, 16 A.

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