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Konzert Freunde (Friends of the Concerts) was born the year 2003 by the hand of Ilse Kübler and Jürgen Bayer with the aim of organizing concerts and performances of classical music, especially demands by the group of foreign residents in Dénia. Ilse Kübler, president of the association explains that the concerns of its partners are directed to “the music of our countries, from 1600 to 2000: Bach, Hendel, Mozart, Haydn ..., music that people of all nationalities like , on the other hand, since music is a meeting point for all cultures. ”

Konzert Freunde is a non-profit association, which finances the actions with the contributions of partners and sponsors and the sale of tickets, “which are made available to the public well in advance and have an affordable price, then attend the concerts that we organize here, in any other country it can cost twice as much, in the last row, ”says Ilse Küber. Konzert Freunde advocates the development of cultural activity as an added value to the city's attractions. "The image of sun and beach is not enough and cultural activity reverts to the economy of a city." With regard to the cultural infrastructures of Dénia, Ilse Kübler affirms that “we are happy with the Theater-Auditorium of the Social Center, because we manage to fill it, and for each performance we try to ensure that everything is very careful, the setting, the setting ... A space with greater capacity costs more to fill it and also keep it in good condition ”.

In this sense, Jürgen Bayer reflects on the importance of citizen involvement in organizing and promoting cultural activities. “The method we have developed could also work with dianenses and we can help with our experience. You can schedule more tailored cultural activities, if that is what is needed and so you don't have to go outside to look for concerts. ” "Knowing people's tastes, preferences, is essential, we ask our associates what music they want to listen to, what activity they would like to attend ...".
Regarding the future prospects of this partnership, he says it will "continue to provide the best for our fans, improving quality and keeping the price".

Organizational Konzert Freunde team consists of eight people and partners have 900-fans from Denia to Torrevieja, "and every year is increasing," says Jürgen Bayer. Its annual program includes three concerts a year, one held earlier this year, one in May-June outdoors in the gardens of Torrequemada or in a chapel, and another between September-November. In addition, for two years they organized "Classic & Cava ”, at the Hotel Las Rotas, which consists of performances of different styles -cabaret, music and poetry recitals, etc.- with gastronomic tasting, in which musicians from Dénia have collaborated.

Konzert Freunde has for its program with performers and musical formations from all over the world, of the highest level. “At the beginning of the year - says Ilse Kübler - we organized a great concert with the most famous group we can afford. Last January, the Russische Kammerphilharmonie in St. Petersburg, composed of important musicians from Paris, New York ..., offered three concerts that were a great success. After this concert we receive reservations for the 2011 concert of the year, and we have already covered the capacity ”. With respect to the performances of last year, Ilse Kübler refers to the great performance offered by the “Gershwin Quartett”, accompanied by the prestigious clarinetist Giora Feidman.

The association works closely with the musician Dianense Vicent Giner, as said Ilse Küber. "He is well known in our home countries for its organ concerts. Vicent has studied in Austria and Germany and understands us, know what we like and helps us a lot, "says Ilse Kübler. We help you in organizing a series of concerts in Pedreguer and promotion among our partners-fans new classical music series Dénia Clàssics ". Konzert Freunde is also in constant contact with the Department of Culture and other social and cultural groups, such as ADERE Association of Spanish Residents Abroad.

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  1. Fernando Urra says:

    Very good: Last October 25 we attended the concert in Pedreguer that took place within “Concerts de la tardor.” I was already shown that on the street panels, the announcements were all in Valencian, not including a single copy or word in Spanish. Upon receiving the Program (whose attached copy), the surprise turned to anger, since it was not only in Valencian in its entirety, but also included the translation of “Selected” to German and English, but not to Spanish. , the mayor inaugurated the concert with a speech entirely in Valencian, without a single word in Spanish. But not happy, then there was a person of foreign origin who gave an introduction in English, Spanish and German.That is, we must wait for them to speak in Spanish (ENTERCER LANGUAGE AND FOR A PERSON OF FOREIGN ORIGIN) as if we were in another country One knows where it is not well received, so I will refrain from consuming Pedreguer products, I will stop going to Pedreguer restaurants, I will not consume anything from the sponsors of the concert, and I will transmit my discomfort to all my acquaintances so that they act in the same way. And all this, despite being a town in Spain. By the way, the mayor, I hope he is treated with that same low cataract with which he has treated all the Spaniards who attended the concert. Fernando Urra Zalbidegoitia14.943.388N

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