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Joint Base Youth Gymnastic Club Dénia won the bronze at the National

May 02 from 2017 - 06: 00

The great family that makes up the Gymnastic Club Dénia lived an intense weekend in Alcarreñas lands. The reason was the dispute Championship of Spain in the Multipurpose Hall of Guadalajara.

The dianenses came with many illusions convinced to get something big. Work and dedication has given them reason and Youth Ensemble Base, managed to climb the third step of the podium.

The Dianense training consisted of gymnasts; Inés Jiménez, Salina El Hamli, Ana Mari González, Karina Díaz and Aitana Ferrer. A girls already know what it is to achieve national success. In the 2016 year were champions Spain in the Base Sets Championship held in November. Remain among the best teams in the national scene, indicating the great work they are carrying with them, their coaches, xus Soria y Montse Soria.

Sixth set for Benjamin

El Club Gimnàstica DéniaAlso, he displaced Guadalajar a set of youngest category. Small in his first national meeting achieved a creditable sixth place suggesting that this group of gymnasts have a broad and promising future ahead.

Base Individual National Championship

Pascuala capital hosted the National Championship individual basis, where the Club Gimnàstica Dénia gymnast participated with the youth category, Carla Montealegre, and prebenjamín, Sofía Corti.

Carla Montealegre ended up occupying the tenth place among the gymnasts 176. The winner in its category was Maialen De la Peña, the Club Skoneta. The second place went to Estela Monzó, the Club San Vicente and third place went to Nora Santaló, Girona Rhythmic Club.

Meanwhile, Sofia Corti, in his first national basis, ended the competition at No. 13 47 among participants. The winner was, Blanca Rodríguez of Almara Burjassot, followed by Xylan Solis Club La Victoria de Valladolid and third place went to Leire Leo Club Hadar.

The season continues with the absolute level gymnasts preparing for the upcoming provincial 6 May in the city of La Nucia.

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