Condemned to the Curb, beg responsibility not to become a danger

07 2020 April - 09: 45

Since mid-March, a state of alarm was declared by COVID-19, which led to the cessation of some activities and home confinement. But faced with the obvious needs of some people with different abilities, Condenados al Bordillo had to maintain and offer “minimal services” of individualized care for people with large dependencies, who due to their characteristics and their social and family environment, need to be cared for: hygiene, postural changes, passive mobilizations and joint mobility work are the services offered to them.

The work, which is carried out in the homes of each of the users, also aims to motivate, rejoice and generate a dynamic as positive as possible in the face of the situation they are experiencing.
The profile of the different people served has a high level of dependency, the majority being users who use a wheelchair. This motivates the gratitude, on the part of the organization, to the different associations in the social sphere and to the Department of Social Affairs "for the commitment and commitment they are carrying out".

In addition, Condemned to the Curb appeals to citizen responsibility: "Although we do not belong to a risk group, we must follow the official recommendations in order not to become a danger to many people who could develop serious symptoms if they contract this virus.
We hope that together we will all get out of this situation soon "

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