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Compromís proposes to guarantee access to online education before a possible new confinement in winter

20 2020 April - 11: 07

Compromís has registered a motion in which it proposes to demand in the State Government that, during the financial year 2020, it adopt the appropriate measures to eliminate the spending rule so that municipalities with cash surpluses can spend it on investments and even current spending through the regular budget, making it possible for local entities to invest everything they consider from their savings to proximity policies to alleviate the health, social and labor crisis caused by the coronavirus.

In this registered motion, which will be debated in the Finance Commission next Friday, the Government is also urged to establish a Direct Municipal Fund for Financing, just as the Government of Botànic has established, with an equitable distribution with objective criteria, and the Adoption of appropriate measures to facilitate the approval of Public Employment Offers based on the financial reality of local corporations and not linked to the replacement rate, enabling the creation of new positions that allow improving municipal services and consolidating employment.

Some proposals of Commitments for the meeting

The spokesman for the municipal group, Rafa Carrió, will advance the content of the motion during the interdepartmental meeting that will take place on April 20 with all political groups, as one of the proposed measures to increase the Municipal Emergency Fund. Likewise, to put on the table that, in case of suspending the Feasts of the Most Holy Sang, the resources be allocated to this same municipal fund.

To properly allocate the remainder of the City Council and the 281.950 euros from the GVA Local Cooperation Fund, and complement the aid from the Ministry, Compromís considers that the City Council should make a concrete diagnosis of what it is and will be in the short and medium term the socio-economic map of the town in the face of the effects of the crisis, in coordination with AETHMA, CEDMA, Social Services, etc., to personalize aid in the commercial and tourist sector, the self-employed, businessmen and people according to particular needs, and how to request and process them. Carrió proposes as examples of the destination of the resources of the local Emergency Fund that:

- 25% could go to the self-employed and SMEs forced to close by COVID-19, and who have seen their income reduced by 75%;
- 25% of the total amount for direct aid to people in a social emergency (aid to pay IBI, rent, dining vouchers ...)
- 20% of the total to aid to the self-employed, SMEs and businesses that have had to cease activity during the second decree
- 15% in grants for entrepreneurs;
- And 15% for other necessary expenses destined to prevention, education, and occupation.

Among those necessary and complementary expenses, could be the financing of COVID-19 tests / tests, in coordination with the GVA, to all essential services (Police, Social Services, cleaning staff, Residence) and extend it to the rest of society. according to risk. Also as preventive measures, "Cleaning of schools and sports facilities should be reactivated and intensified once the confinement is finished and the activity to contain the virus begins, since this contract is very adjusted to the anticipated needs".

In educational matters, it will be formulated to expand the number of tablets for students “Because, on the one hand, there will be students who will need it and will not be able to take advantage of the service, and on the other, because we do not know if we will have to confine ourselves in the coming winter due to a regrowth, and we would help guarantee online classes in the event of a new confinement".

Regarding occupation, one of the proposals will be to allocate an amount to also hire unemployed people, and / or subsidize companies to hire unemployed people who are dedicated to complementing the jobs that will increase with the COVID situation- 19. Regarding commerce, Carrió will discuss the possibility of creating a mobile application where all the local stores and home services appear, with their offer, and to provide liquidity to the shops that have closed, as he has done Jávea, making purchases in advance.

Carrió wants to remind the government team that during the last spokespersons meeting, Compromís urged the government team to convene a Water Council to agree to postpone the water bills until the state of alarm ended. "We think it is a feasible measure, which has already been carried out in other municipalities, taking into account that the City Council has 67% of the shareholders of Aguas de Dénia" Carrió explains, "And it would be in line with what the Ecological Transition Department has done, paralyzing the collection of the CV residual water sanitation rate (fixed and variable) until the alarm state ends". Finally, it will be suggested the extension until the end of the year of the exceptional measures such as the suspension of market rates and occupation of public roads for the hospitality industry, among many others.

The Valencian spokesman emphasizes the total support and predisposition of Compromís to the government team during this serious crisis.

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