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Compromís proposes to the City Council to support the shielding of public health

16 2020 April - 15: 13

Compromís begins the debate to promote a constitutional reform that gives the Right to Health its full and maximum relevance at the same time as it seeks to channel a legislative reform that guarantees a minimum investment in health research and prevents public health decapitalization practices for the benefit of the private one. This was claimed in the last session of the Congress of Deputies by the coalition spokesman, Joan Baldoví.

For this reason, the municipal group of Compromís has registered a motion for debate and approval at the next plenary session, in order for the City Council to politically support the universal and quality public health service model and its workers, in addition to to demand the commitment to increase the public budgets destined to this objective.

Compromís considers that in the face of the international emergency situation due to COVID-19, the need to have a public health system with the best possible guarantees has been further demonstrated. "The applause for the health sector workers who face the situation do not have to remain a sporadic show of support, and they must be intensified by political measures that reinforce their working conditions and guarantee service to citizens".

Among the resolutions of the motion, it is proposed that the City Council join the proposal for a constitutional reform to grant the Right to Health the maximum relevance, placing Section 1 of Chapter II of Title I the Right to Health and the recognition of universal health care that, despite the fact that this right is stated in the Constitution, is not considered a full subjective right in not having direct jurisdictional protection. In this way, it would give full meaning to such important elements as the definition in article 1.1 of the Constitution that qualifies the Spanish State as “social”.

  1. Josep Sanz says:

    When the communists talk about public health. They refer to health paid by private society. Then they, the communist ticks boss her around so we have to thank them.
    The Spanish left is reaching the level of cheap manure. Oh smart and kick them or they end everything. And we end up like Venezuelans. They already drink sewage.

    • How is the patio says:

      What strange things does ignorance produce ...
      Well, ignorance or intellectual submission to the means of disinformation that is even more serious.
      Too bad they have changed teaching for "education" and with this we have stopped producing people capable of thinking for themselves to make way for a whole catalog of garrulos incapable of forming their own thinking but perfect to repeat the bullshit of third parties.
      And it is not to defend Compromis, much less, it is simply that reading such an accumulation of stupidities in such a small space has done nothing but awaken this reflection.

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