Compromís, PP, Ciudadanos, Gent de Dénia and PSPV unite to ask you to stay at home

17 March 2020 - 09: 19

The 21 councilors of the Dénia City Council, all the members of each municipal group, have joined the # Quédateencasa initiative together. For this, they have made a video in which each mayor, from his home, has asked the neighbors to be responsible and not go outside.

One more example of how important it is now to put differences aside and unite to fight the immediate threat. Thus, before we can disagree with the theme of the posidonia, the pedestrianization of roads, the train station ...

#QuedatACasa # QuédateEnCasa

#QuedatACasa # QuédateEnCasaPer responsabilitat. Per solidaritat.🗣 The 21 regidors and aldermen of the Municipal Corporation of # Dénia are staying, in those complicated moments, that are coming home. Donem exemple. Ajudem to stop contagis. Protect the most vulnerable. 👉🏠 Stay home .---------------------- By responsibility. For solidarity.🗣 The 21 councilmen of the # Dénia Municipal Corporation are asking us, at these difficult times, to stay home. Let us set an example. Let's help stop infections. Let us protect the most vulnerable. 👉🏠 Let's stay home.

Published by Ajuntament de Dénia on Monday, March 16 of 2020

  1. María Ibars says:

    For the 11M the left stoned the headquarters of the PP.
    And when the evola Mr. Falconetti asked the resignation of the PP. And when the prestige ...
    Doctor.fraud .. When are you going to apologize to the Spanish for the more than 7.500 victims caused by their wrongdoing? You are a sinister and indecent character. Go fry asparagus.

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