Compromís calls for more union and pressure for the creation of the Miguel Hernández Health Center

31 July 2020 - 12: 06

During the requests and questions section of the July plenary session, Compromís made the proposal to request, by the entire municipal corporation, a meeting with the Ministry of Health, and if necessary with the Presidency, to "Pressurize and demand more agility from the concessionaire of Marina Salud SA to comply with and carry out the Functional Plan for the construction of the Health Center in Miguel Hernández that corresponds to it in Dénia by contract"the spokesperson explained Rafa Carrió.

According to the Valencian formation, before the construction of the center, the concessionaire would have to make a Functional Plan, that is, a document prior to construction where the healthcare needs, the benefits that should be provided, etc. are established. That is why Carrió explained that "It is necessary for the Ministry to inspect and press forcefully to move forward with this much-needed infrastructure, even more so after the health crisis we have suffered".

In July 2016, the Dénia City Council fully ratified the offer of a part of the Miguel Hernández site to the Ministry of Health for the construction of the new Health Center, included in the contract with Marina Salud. This procedure was already carried out in 2007, but at that time the land was not owned by the city council, therefore a health center could not be built on it. After expropriating the land and transferring it, the city council was already in a position to demand the construction of this health center.

In that plenary session of 2016, the delegate councilor for Equality and inclusive Policies, Cristina Morera, He said that the City Council had fulfilled its part and if the concessionaire did not comply, the consequences would have to be addressed. Yesterday, in response to the request made by the Valencian spokesman, Morera defended that the transfer was not a process effective for a week or months, and that Marina Salud does not have a deadline to run the center, and therefore does not there is non-compliance.

In this sense, Carrió believes that "The transfer was made 4 years ago, and that Marina Salud is excused in that it does not have a deadline for construction does not imply that we have to stand idly by, paying for a service that we do not have and that by contract corresponds to us". In addition, it points out that "There are historical demands that have not yet been fulfilled, such as that of the Train, the autonomous port or the same reversal, but others such as the release of the AP-7 has been thanks to claiming and lobbying year after year".

And for this reason, Carrió explained that it is important that the entire corporation representing the citizens come to demand more action from the Conselleria, "If we do not press, we will achieve little, and if we do it all together, the better".

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