Compromís per Dénia proposes to urge the Government to guarantee access to healthy, sustainable and local food

November 23 from 2022 - 11: 42

Compromís per Dénia has presented a motion for debate and approval in the next plenary, which requests the Central Government to guarantee a maximum price for basic consumer foods that are healthy, sustainable and local, as well as guarantee a fair price for the producers.

In the motion, he considers that the invasion of Ukraine has led to a general rise in prices that has caused a significant blow to the pockets of families, producers and society in general. That is why it is more necessary to fight inflation, limiting the maximum price of basic foods in order to face the increase in the cost of the shopping basket for families.

As he has pointed out Eva Round, Councilor for Compromís, "inflation cannot be a nightmare for families, who must have guaranteed access to a healthy diet, nor can it be a problem for small and medium producers." In this sense, the motion defends that the food chain law establishes that the producer cannot be paid below the cost of production, but what is needed is to set a minimum price in order to guarantee fair prices for producers.

Within the Valencian Community, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition has promoted the creation of the AVIA (Valencian Agency for Food Information and Control), to guarantee the operation of the food chain, as well as Provide greater transparency in business operations.

For this reason, among the agreements of the motion, Compromís proposes to urge the Government of Spain to establish measures to face the current inflationary crisis on the price of those basic foods in the basket that are healthy, sustainable and local, supporting any initiative on a food basket that ensures fair prices for producers and maximum prices for consumers.

In addition, the Government of Spain is urged to establish minimum and fair prices for farmers, ranchers and the fishing sector settled in our territory, eliminating any imbalance in the food chain that is contrary to the viability of the survival of the activity.

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