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Compromís notes that there are indications that they want to build on the alleged dune removed from Raset

02 March 2020 - 15: 13

The controversy continues over the cleaning works in Punta del Raset, after which the vegetation has completely disappeared and part of the sand has been removed.

It is the area closest to the northern breakwater of the port of Dénia. A corner where until last December we found an oasis of vegetation that welcomed the visitor to the beach closest to the town. But, after the cleaning works in the area in charge of Ports, this one now wears a completely different image: without the presence of green.

Compromís He denounced the situation this morning, which they had already done in different plenary sessions, as well as Popular de Dénia, but without a response from the government team whose councilor for the Ecological Transition repeatedly invited them to ask Ports.

Images that have impacted neighbors

It is an issue that concerns Dianense society, as it has been seen with the amount of graphic documents that neighbors have viralized on social networks, which have opened a successful collection of online signatures to reverse the situation.

In addition, Compromís has described careless and excessive work. The cleaning ordered by the City Council that, according to the training, should be done by hand and carefully done with heavy machinery as seen in the images captured by the neighbors. The cleaning has consisted, in short, in the elimination of vegetation and part of the sand.

Will it be built on a supposed protected area?

And here there is another problem, since several associations and the mentioned parties point out that the dune cord has been removed from the place, although Puertos has said that there was no dune but that it was sand accumulation. This, according to Compromís, is an incongruity when, when dealing with the issue of nesting of protected birds in the dunes, they are told that they should not worry since the work is out of the nesting season. Rafa Carrió, spokesman for Compromís, said that, with this response, it is not argued that there was no dune since they are recognizing that it is not a season for animals whose habitat is that.

However, the controversy does not end there, since in the report that Ports delivers to the City Council on November 5, in which it announces that Urbaser will be the company in charge of cleaning, you can read "there is an area of ​​shrubs and that is in urban planning proposal in basic project", referring to that area. That is, there is a project to allocate the place to its tourist or urban development, which would not be legal if it is true that there was a dune before, since construction on them is prohibited because the cord is protected.

Many open doubts have announced the Valencian formation, motivated by what they consider a lack of transparency on the subject. These would be resolved, as they underline, if the Espai Port-Ciutat table was convened, created in 2017 for Dénia to participate in the decisions of Ports, although with voice but without vote. Compromís asks for an urgent meeting to clarify once and for all the situation and see, if it were true that there has been a "environmental attack", how to recover the dune cord.

  1. Pere says:

    Strongly agree with Yolanda's comment. From an area of ​​dunes and oases, nothing at all. Dirty accumulation area, completely neglected.

  2. Yolanda says:

    To say that this place was AN OASIS OF VEGETATION seems to me a little exaggerated and not true. That comment is from a person who has never walked among the trees and bushes that were. It was full of drink cans, plastic bottles, animal and human excrement, that is, an oasis. The area was totally neglected. The trees with broken and fallen branches, the dry bushes, but the poor conservation that all the dune vegetation has is generalized and the aspect of neglected, which is not subjective, is real. Among the stones there are heaps of rubbish. Prune trees. keep the green areas.Of course they must hire gardeners.The raset dune. It does not need any construction, with leaving it clean and with vegetation to take care of it is more than enough. If they forced restaurants to remove enclosures so that they could see the facades and the views of the sea, the dune should follow the same criteria.The city council must be responsible for keeping everything and gardens, dunes and space clean and cared for. protected natural.

    • Claudio says:

      Very true everything you say, I had filed a complaint in the city of Denia, because there were people living under the trees that are behind the aid station of the red cross, and among the other trees that were or were the only shadows that we had in the whole area, there was also a group of people who took over the place and the bathers could not take advantage of these shadows. It was disgusting to see all kinds of waste and rubbish among the vegetation, also remains of large bottles that made the youth (divine treasure ?). It was very left, without cleaning of any kind. After Gloria (the storm), several branches of the saplings were broken, the solution according to my poor opinion was to cut the broken branches, clean up and clean under the saplings, remove the tall bushes and that's it, without stripping the vegetation and take the dune that we had there ahead. Those who did that little LANDSCAPING job did not understand a damn about that ..

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