How and when to apply for direct aid from the tourism sector?

February 13 from 2021 - 00: 53

The Generalitat Valenciana is trying to compensate the sectors most affected by the restrictions imposed by the Government to stop the pandemic. In this way, this week, the Official Gazette of the Generalitat has published a new package of aid aimed at the tourism sector.

The new grants have 18 million euros that will reach 5.000 companies dedicated to accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants, music festivals and other companies, who will be able to request them from February 22.

Beneficiaries of the aid

Beneficiaries may be natural or legal persons who, at the beginning of the application submission period, meet the following requirements:

1. Be part of any of the following groups:

a) Be the owner of a tourist accommodation establishment registered in the Tourism Registry of the Valencian Community of those established in article 2, section a), of this decree.

b) Be the owner of a travel agency registered in the Tourism Registry of the Valencian Community.

c) Being attached to any of the following tourism policy programs promoted by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana: CreaTurisme, SICTED, L'Exquisit Mediterrani, or Mediterranew Musix.

2. In the event that the applicant is a self-employed worker, he / she must also be registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers of the Social Security, as well as in the Economic Activities Tax on the date of the start of the filing period. of requests.

3. In the event that it is a legal person, it must also be registered in the census of economic activities of the State Tax Administration Agency on the date of the beginning of the period for submitting applications.

4. Have tax domicile in the Valencian Community.

5. Not to incur in any of the prohibitions provided for in section 2 of article 13 of Law 38/2003, General Subsidies.

Amount and distribution of aid

a) For holders of tourist accommodation establishments, a maximum global amount of 9.100.000 euros will be allocated.

- First Group Hotel Accommodations (Hotels)

Up to 50 places: 2.500 euros

From 51 to 100 places: 6.000 euros

From 101 to 200 places: 10.000 euros

From 201 to 400 places: 17.000 euros

From 401 to 600 places: 25.000 euros

From 601 to 800 places: 35.000 euros

Over 800 places: 45.000 euros

- Hotel Accommodation of the Second Group (Hostels), Third Group (Pensions) and urban hostels: 1.000 euros

- Tourist housing management companies:

Up to 500 places: 1.000 euros

Over 500 places: 1.800 euros

- Tourist apartment blocks and complexes:

· Up to 50 accommodation units. 2.000 euros

From 51 to 100 accommodation units: 5.000 euros

Over 100 accommodation units: 8.000 euros

- Campsites:

Up to 500 places: 3.000 euros

From 501 to 1.000 places: 7.000 euros

Over 1.000 places: 11.000 euros


Rural houses: 500 euros

Rural hostels: 1.000 euros

b) For holders of travel agencies registered in the Tourism Registry of the Valencian Community: 3.500 euros

The aid will amount to 4.000 euros if it is also a member of the CreaTurisme or SICTED programs.

A maximum global amount of 2.500.000 euros will be allocated for these aid to travel agencies.

c) For natural or legal persons adhered to any of the following tourism policy programs:

- CreaTurisme: 2.500 euros

- SICTED: 2.500 euros

- L'Exquisit Mediterrani: 9.000 euros. If the applicant also has one, two or three Michelin star awards, the aid will be 18.000 euros per award obtained and in force.

- Mediterranew Musix: The aid will be 6.500 euros, if the person or entity making the request is attached to the FEST LITE category; of 16.000,00 euros, if it is in the FEST category, or 75.000,00 euros, if it is in the GRAN FEST category.

A maximum global amount of 6.400.000 euros will be allocated to the tourism policy programs CreaTurisme, SICTED, L'Exquisit Mediterrani and / or Mediterranew Musix.

Submission of applications

The presentation will be telematic and will require that the applicant have an advanced electronic signature.

The deadline for submitting applications will begin at 12.00 noon on February 22, 2021 and will end at 12.00 noon on March 22, 2021.

As of that date, the request may be submitted electronically in the Companies section of the Generalitat's Electronic Headquarters.

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