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Making an accurate measurement of the impedance

May 07 from 2014 - 00: 00

As we mentioned in previous articles, the impedance of tissues is directly related to total body water and changes in its distribution and temperature. To be able to make correct measurements and, therefore, an appropriate follow-up, the conditions must be kept as constant as possible.

The adoption of the reactance technology allows obtaining stability measurements never before seen, however, changes in temperature and distribution of total body water or volume of blood flow in the extremities due to exercise, baths, etc., affect the measurement results because the electrical resistance of the body is also modified.

Moment of the day in which to measure the body impedance Dénia

The perfect moment of the day for an impedance measurement

The impedance of the tissues increases when the body weight decreases (for example, due to dehydration) and decreases when the body weight increases due to excesses in the consumption of drinks or meals.

Therefore, we will make the measurements according to the following conditions, in order to obtain a higher performance of the study.

  • 3 hours after getting up, having performed the normal daily activities of this period.
  • When 3 hours have passed or more time after eating.
  • Avoid eating or drinking excessively the day before the measurement.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 12 hours before the measurement.
  • When at least 12 hours or more time have elapsed after exercising.
  • Urinate before doing the measurement.
  • We will try to make measurements around the same time
  • It is better to avoid measurements during the menstrual period in women since it is possible that the results obtained are not suitable.
  • Very stable and reliable values ​​can be obtained under the conditions described above.
    Dr. María de los Milagros Vélez Galván

    Salut Verda

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